AI is here.
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Seamlessly embed AI-powered analytics
experiences into your products with our
developer-friendly platform

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How we stack up

ThoughtSpot Tableau
Natural language search
Free-form exploration with Drill Anywhere
Automated KPI monitoring, alerts, and analysis
Consumer-friendly UX
Integration APIs
Advanced embedding with modern developer tools
Dedicated code repository and examples
Scriptability for DevOps tools and processes
Semantic layer supporting complex data schemas
Live queries and granular data without pre-aggregation
Developer Discord channel
Award-winning customer support team

Go beyond static dashboards
with AI-Powered Analytics

Search in natural language—
stop waiting for answers

Empower your users to ask business questions about your app data and surface the right answers—all by themselves.

Tailored analytics—
with just a few lines of code.

Deliver the analytics experience your users deserve with customizable components.

Liveboards—because static dashboards don’t cut it

Unlike dashboards with outdated insights, Liveboards offer a live and fully interactive view of your data.

Diagnose in real-time
—no more guessing

Tableau tells you what, we tell you why. Stop settling for high-level insights and get to the root of the problem.

See why companies like Act-On
and Guidewire love ThoughtSpot

Against the current macro-level backdrop, healthcare organizations have tremendous pressure to drive healthy margins and protect revenues. We embedded ThoughtSpot Embedded into MDAudit to allow customers to strategically answer questions, and they are now driving tangible outcomes from it.

Ritesh Ramesh Chief Technology Officer

We were easily able to embed and set up roles, privileges, and SSO to make it seamless experience for our customers. Harnessing ThoughtSpot’s AI capabilities allowed us to surface insights, which unlocks the value in our data.

Syed Ahmed Chief Technology Officer

With ThoughtSpot Embedded, we get a visual SDK, direct integration with our Snowflake Data Cloud and dbt, a suite of APIs, and enterprise-grade security. We didn’t see any other embedded analytics solution on the market that provided all the features and capabilities of ThoughtSpot Embedded.

Santiago Murisengo Product Manager

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