The Data Chief | Episode 77

Reimagining the banking experience with CDO of Singapore's GXS Bank

Geraldine Wong, Ph.D.


GXS Bank

Current EpisodeEP77: Reimagining the banking experience with CDO of Singapore's GXS Bank

Episode Overview

Not many CDOs get to enter a new role with a clean slate. But Geraldine Wong, CDO for GXS Bank in Singapore did just that. In this episode of The Data Chief, she explains how the bank has built a foundation of data literacy by providing employees the right tools, access, and knowledge to put data at the forefront of their workflow. This culture of education and understanding establishes trust, empowers departments to self-serve analytics for better productivity, and ultimately leads to stronger understanding of data for customers and employees alike.

Key Moments: 

  • Starting from a “clean slate” as a CDO (1:32)
  • GXS’s role and purpose as a new bank (3:49)
  • Data security and consumer privacy (9:47)
  • The GXS Bank data strategy (14:46)
  • Using generative AI to improve data fluency (20:27)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of being fully in the cloud (26:48)
  • How higher education can better prepare workers for digital transformation (29:32)
  • Why Singapore is a global leader in data literacy (37:24)

Key Quotes:

When we first started on customer acquisition, we made certain assumptions based on qualitative input from the data. But as we acquired more we then realized you learn from these profiles and you then really enhance your approach.

I think the aim is for the entire organization to be leaving the data-driven culture to achieve this data strategy. But how do we do that? You need to be able to provide them with the right tools, the access and the knowledge of the data that's available.

I often say data governance is like a, a seatbelt. Usually in cars you don't really want to wear a seatbelt, but when an accident happens, then you are like, why didn't wear a seatbelt? That is really the same scenario about standard definitions and when you do need it.



Geraldine Wong is a seasoned data science leader with international exposure and proven record of building and managing multicultural and cross-functional teams and senior stakeholder management. She has over 12 years of experience in machine learning, AI and predictive analytics. Her key experiences include strategic development and implementation of AI and Machine Learning across different industry verticals and executing an end-to-end Machine Learning Framework, with considerable experience in R.

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