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Cindi Howson

Chief Data Strategy Officer


With bold leadership and imagination, data can be used to make the world a better place and to solve real problems.

Organizations around the world are clamoring to unlock the value of data like never before. Those responsible for leading this revolution? The data chiefs.

In her twenty year career in analytics, Cindi Howson has had the opportunity to go behind the scenes with organizations who are truly exceptional when it comes to data. In The Data Chief, she brings these stories to life through insightful, inspiring interviews with some of the most successful data leaders, sharing lessons relevant for every data professional along the way.

Latest Episodes

Randy BeanFounder & CEO
John ThompsonGlobal Head, Advanced Analytics and AI
Cole Knussbaumer KnaflicFounder & CEO
Douglas LaneyData & Analytics Innovation Fellow
Episode 38 | 2021-08-25

Four Must Read Books for Data and Analytics Leaders with Randy Bean, John Thompson, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, and Doug Laney

The data and analytics field is evolving rapidly. As is the role of the modern data and analytics leader. To keep pace with new trends, organizational best practices, and technologies, leaders need to make learning a priority, whether that’s reading or podcasting — or both!

Daniel SeymoreHead of Business Intelligence
Episode 37 | 2021-08-11

Investec’s Daniel Seymore on Change Management, Business Agility, and Developing Domain Expertise

Daniel Seymore, Head of Business Intelligence at South Africa-based financial services company, Investec, covers best practices for building successful teams, upskilling the next generation of IT professionals, and why domain experience is the prominent skill needed for all data and analytics leaders.

JoAnn StonierChief Data Officer
Episode 36 | 2021-07-28

Mastercard’s JoAnn Stonier on Responsible AI and Applying Human-Centric Design Principles to Data Problems

JoAnn Stonier, Chief Data Officer at Mastercard, explains data’s impact on people, how CDOs lay the groundwork for strategic innovation, and the progress that’s been made toward building responsible AI

Sol RashidiChief Analytics Officer
Episode 35 | 2021-07-14

Estée Lauder’s Sol Rashidi on Treating Data as a Product, Turning Failures into Success, and the Unique Position of the CDO

Sol Rashidi, Chief Analytics Officer at Estée Lauder Companies, discusses the importance of understanding and learning from past failures, the need to take a product-centric approach, and why your product roadmap should be technology agnostic.

Ameet ShettyChief Data and Analytics Officer
Episode 34 | 2021-06-30

Pilot Flying J’s Ameet Shetty on Cloud Data Infrastructure, Governance, Analytics Talent

Ameet Shetty, Chief Data and Analytics Officer for Pilot Flying J, discusses the evolving role of the CDO leveraging data for customer experience analytics and how best to organize data and analytics talent.

Ryan GracianoCTO
Episode 33 | 2021-06-16

Credit Karma’s Ryan Graciano on Data Marts, Data Models, and Disrupting the Credit Landscape

Ryan Graciano, CTO of Credit Karma, discusses the importance of data hygiene, explainable AI and why data literacy is something you have to continuously work at.

Darren PedrozaVP Enterprise Data and Analytics
Episode 32 | 2021-06-02

First Command’s Darren Pedroza on Being a Data Activist and Leading your Company Through Digital Transformation

Darren Pedroza, VP Enterprise Data and Analytics at First Command Financial Services, discusses the new role of the CDO, agile data management best practices, and how to lead teams through the deep, sometimes scary, waters of digital transformation.

Serena HuangGlobal Head of People Analytics
Episode 31 | 2021-05-19

Kraft Heinz’s Serena Huang on Retaining Top Talent with People Analytics

Serena Huang, Global Head of People Analytics at Kraft Heinz Company explains how companies are using data and analytics to measure employee success.

Grant ParsamyanVice President - Data Engineering and Analytics
Episode 30 | 2021-05-05

OpenTable’s Grant Parsamyan on How Data and Analytics is Helping the Restaurant Industry Rebound from COVID-19

Grant Parsamyan, Senior Vice President of Data and Analytics at OpenTable, discusses how the team is using data to capture a 360-degree view of the restaurant industry and why organization-wide data literacy is fundamental for success.

Brad KlingenbergChief Algorithms Officer
Episode 29 | 2021-04-21

Daily Harvest’s Brad Klingenberg on How Data-Driven Personalization is Driving Food Creation

Brad Klingenberg, Chief Algorithms Officer at Daily Harvest, explains the importance of aligning customer wants with business value to create uniquely personalized experiences.

Ian WongCTO
Episode 28 | 2021-04-07

Opendoor’s Ian Wong on Disrupting the Real Estate Industry with Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Ian Wong, co-founder and CTO of Opendoor, discusses how Opendoor uses data and machine learning to streamline the process of buying and selling your home, disrupting an entire industry.

Ajeet SinghCo-founder and Executive Chairman
Episode 27 | 2021-03-11

ThoughtSpot’s Ajeet Singh on Designing Disruption for Analytics

Ajeet Singh, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at ThoughtSpot, details the biggest challenges facing the data industry today.

Cindi HowsonChief Data Strategy Officer
Episode 26 | 2021-02-24

ThoughtSpot’s Cindi Howson on Chief Data Officer success strategies

Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot and host of The Data Chief, revisits key conversations and themes from season one.Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot and host of The Data Chief, revisits key conversations and themes from season one.

Ruha BenjaminProfessor of African American Studies
Episode 25 | 2021-02-03

Princeton University's Ruja Benjamin on bias in data and AI

Author and professor Ruha Benjamin explains how flawed data can have disastrous, real-world consequences for women and people of color.

Radha SankaranExecutive Director of Algorithmic Customer Experiences
Episode 24 | 2021-01-20

Verizon's Radha Sankaran on personalizing customer experiences and improving frontline decision-making with data

Verizon’s Radha Sankaran discusses creating a personalized 360 customer journey and shares strategies for empowering frontline employees with data. Plus, Radha tells us her advice for women and girls in tech.

Wayne EckersonFounder and Principal Consultant
Tom DavenportDistinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management
Donald FarmerPrincipal
Episode 23 | 2021-01-13

Donald Farmer, Wayne Eckerson, and Tom Davenport on data and analytics trends to watch in 2021

After a year of facing the unexpected, what trends and technologies should data and analytics leaders expect to see more of in 2021? Hear from: Donald Farmer, Wayne Eckerson, and Tom Davenport.

Chris PowersSVP and Global Product Manager of Business Data Analytics & Digital Innovations
Episode 22 | 2021-01-06

Citigroup's Chris Powers on data literacy

Chris Powers, SVP and Global Product Manager of Business Data Analytics & Digital Innovations at Citigroup, discusses data literacy, common data sense, and the five whys.

Jim TyoCDO
Episode 21 | 2020-12-02

Invesco's Jim Tyo on data governance best practices

Jim Tyo, CDO at Invesco and the former CDO at Nationwide, discusses the evolution of data governance and information quality over the past decade, the ethical nuances of navigating privacy laws, advice for people aspiring to pursue a career in data, and much more.

Suzette KentFormer Federal CIO
Episode 20 | 2020-11-11

Federal Government's Suzette Kent on federal data strategy and IT modernization

Suzette Kent, the former US Federal Chief Information Officer, discusses the federal data strategy and the differences – good and bad – between the public and private sectors.

Jon OsbornSoftware Technology Executive
Todd CrosslinGlobal Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences
Episode 19 | 2020-10-28

Ensemble Health Partners' Jon Osborn and Snowflake's Todd Crosslin on cloud innovation in healthcare

Jon Osborn and Todd Crosslin discuss digital transformation in healthcare, the pros and cons of cloud, and the ROI for innovation.

Craig RowlandsGeneral Manager
Episode 18 | 2020-10-14

Medibanks' Craig Rowlands on saving lives with data literacy

Craig Rowlands, the General Manager of Medibank, discusses the life- and cost-saving benefits of leveraging data to improve healthcare.

Bernard MarrFounder & CEO
Episode 17 | 2020-09-30

Bernard Marr on Ai strategy and change management

Bestselling author Bernard Marr discusses nowcasting vs forecasting, creating a culture of change, and the future of AI, 5G, AR, VR, and more.

Chad HawkinsonChief Product and Data Officer
Episode 16 | 2020-09-16

Vertafore's Chad Hawkinson on cloud data security and streamlining workflows

Chad Hawkinson, Chief Product and Data Officer at Vertafore, discusses cloud security, the increasing role of data in insurance, and the dos and don’ts of analytics software adoption in the workplace.

Jason LallyCDO
Episode 15 | 2020-09-04

San Francisco County's Jason Lally on clarity and better serving people with data (pt. 2)

Jason Lally, CDO of San Francisco, discusses making the government’s data work for the people it serves and the #1 key to better communication. [Hint: It’s storytelling.]

Jason LallyCDO
Episode 14 | 2020-09-01

San Francisco County's Jason Lally on clarity and better serving people with data (pt. 1)

Jason Lally, the CDO for the City and County of San Francisco, discusses the kindness of data clarity, why open data is just the tip of the iceberg, and the power of a declarative mission statement.

Michelle JacobsPresident & Co-Founder
Episode 13 | 2020-08-19

Alight Analytics' Michelle Jacobs on data-driven marketing and respecting customer privacy (pt. 2)

Michelle Jacobs, Alight Analytics President and co-founder, discusses how to bring more women into analytics, why messy data tends to be directionally accurate, and what she predicts for the future of the industry.

Michelle JacobsPresident & Co-Founder
Episode 12 | 2020-08-19

Alight Analytics' Michelle Jacobs on data-driven marketing and respecting customer privacy (pt. 1)

Michelle Jacobs, Alight Analytics President and co-founder, discusses how data can empower marketers, tips for keeping up with the pace of change in technology, and more.

Alberto Rey VillaverdeCDO
Episode 11 | 2020-08-05

Just Eat's Alberto Rey Villaverde on machine learning, AI, and bridging the imagination gap (pt. 2)

Alberto Rey Villaverde, the CDO of Just Eat, dives into where he sees the data industry headed in the near and long term future.

Alberto Rey VillaverdeCDO
Episode 10 | 2020-08-05

Just Eat's Alberto Rey Villaverde on machine learning, AI, and bridging the imagination gap (pt. 1)

Alberto Rey Villaverde, Just Eat CDO, discusses why AI will always require a human touch and two key components crucial to the success of data companies.

Dr. Dana RollisonVP and CDO
Episode 9 | 2020-07-22

Moffitt Cancer Center's Dr. Dana Rollison on accelerating scientific discovery with data

Dr. Dana Rollison, VP, CDO, and ACD of Data Science at Moffitt Cancer Center, shares her work at Moffitt and how data is accelerating scientific discovery.

Sully McConnellCDO
Episode 8 | 2020-07-08

The Hartford's Sully McConnell on data infrastructure innovation

Sully McConnell, CDO of The Hartford, discusses the challenges he faced as a new data chief trying to innovate the infrastructure of an established company.

Jacques van NiekerkGlobal CEO
Episode 7 | 2020-07-01

Wunderman Thompson Data's Jacques van Niekerk on culture, innovation, and diversity

Jacques van Niekerk, Global CEO of Wunderman Thompson Data, discusses why data is not the new oil for businesses, but instead the new oxygen.

Grace Epperson
Chief Analytics Officer
Episode 6 | 2020-06-24

14 West's Grace Epperson on using data to improve customer experience

14 West’s Grace Epperson discusses data fluency, diversity in tech, 
team building, plus how a liberal arts education can complement 
a career in tech.

Gustavo CantonGustavo Canton
Episode 5 | 2020-06-10

Schneider Electric's Gustavo Canton on optimizing human potential with AI and automation

Schneider Electric’s Gustavo Canton discusses automation to 
augment (not replace) humans, intuiting what customers really need, 
and team management.

Max ChanChief Data Strategy Officer
Episode 4 | 2020-05-27

Avnet's Max Chan on digital transformation and IT innovation

Avnet CIO Max Chan discusses digital transformation in IT, why 
insightful data matters, plus tips for encouraging innovation within 
your IT department.

Scott PeckSenior Director of Data & Analytics
Episode 3 | 2020-05-30

PwC's Scott Peck on data storytelling and creating a culture of leadership

PwC’s Scott Peck discusses what it means to be an ‘Analyst of 
the Future’, his thoughts on leadership, and why data storytelling 
is a must-have skill.

Stephen HarrisCDO
Episode 2 | 2020-04-29

VMWare's Stephen Harris on navigating imperfect data

Stephen Harris, CDO of VMware, discusses growth, diversity in tech, being a change agent within your organization, bias in AI, and more!

Cindi HowsonChief Data Strategy Officer
Episode 1 | 2020-04-24

ThoughtSpot's Cindi Howson on the new role of the CDO

Data is transforming how we think about work, life, 
and play. Meet the world’s top data and analytics experts leading this data revolution.