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Cindi Howson

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With bold leadership and imagination, data can be used to make the world a better place and to solve real problems.

Organizations around the world are clamoring to unlock the value of data like never before. Those responsible for leading this revolution? The data chiefs.

In her twenty year career in analytics, Cindi Howson has had the opportunity to go behind the scenes with organizations who are truly exceptional when it comes to data. In The Data Chief, she brings these stories to life through insightful, inspiring interviews with some of the most successful data leaders, sharing lessons relevant for every data professional along the way.

Latest Episodes

Prashanth ChandrasekarCEO
Episode 96 | 2024-07-24

How seizing the (GenAI) moment has driven effective change

When Generative AI first took the world by storm, some thought it might threaten the very existence of Stack Overflow. In this episode, hear from the company’s CEO, Prashanth Chandrasekar, who shares how he embraced change in a time of uncertainty to drive his business forward.

Scott StevensExecutive Director of Global Technology
Episode 95 | 2024-07-10

JPMorgan Chase on How to Succeed in Data and Analytics in the GenAI Era

Scott Stevens, Executive Director of Global Technology at JPMorgan Chase, joins host, Cindi Howson, to discuss the big picture faced by data professionals today: how to succeed in an era characterized by the introduction of unprecedented technology. You may know this as the GenerativeAI era. From effective change management and measuring the ROI of LLMs, to how to fine-tune your career in today’s data and AI landscape, Scott and Cindi cover it all.

Sadie St. LawrenceCEO of Human Machine Collaboration Institute and Founder and President of Women In Data
Episode 94 | 2024-06-19

How to bridge the gap between humans and AI, with Sadie St. Lawrence

Sadie St. Lawrence, CEO of Human Machine Collaboration Institute and Founder and President of Women In Data, sits down with Cindi Howson. In this episode, Cindi and Sadie explore the impact of Generative AI on the world of work, from how to effectively leverage Generative AI by asking the right questions, to how the technology can expand on humans’ divergent thinking. There’s much more to the future of the world of work with Generative AI now at its core, and together Sadie and Cindi explore where we’re headed, and how we can successfully bridge the gap between humans and AI.

Captain Brian EricksonChief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer
Episode 93 | 2024-06-05

Commander’s Business: How the U.S. Coast Guard Serves with Data and AI

Join Captain Brian Erickson, the Chief Data and AI Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and host, Cindi Howson, to hear how the USCG leverages data and AI to enhance operations and keep the U.S. safe. With Brian’s unique background, dive into his thoughts on balancing experience-based decision making with data-informed decision making, how best to evaluate data from multiple agencies, and explore his thoughts on AI regulation, and whether we should all be AI ethicists.

Walid MehannaChief Data & AI Officer
Episode 92 | 2024-05-22

How to activate the collective genius with data and AI, with Walid Mehanna, Merck KGaA

Having distinct data and business strategies is no longer enough. And an AI strategy is of little worth if you don’t have a strong data strategy. Join Chief Data & AI Officer at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Walid Mehanna, alongside The Data Chief’s host, Cindi Howson, and discover what it looks like to really foster operational excellence by unifying your data and business strategies, employ the right data-driven tools, while bringing your organization’s people and culture along the journey to truly unlock the collective genius.

Robert GarnettVP of Government Analytics & Health Benefits Cost of Care
Episode 91 | 2024-05-08

How analytics teams can earn their seat at the table with Elevance Health

People are only as healthy as the communities they live in. In this episode, discover how Elevance Health is reimagining the healthcare system, and strengthening our communities in the process with a data-driven strategy. Learn how Elevance Health leverages community data to paint a more complete picture of an individual’s health, making healthcare journeys more personalized and equitable. You’ll also hear why analytics must have a seat at the business table, the importance of extending data democratization beyond the organization, and the need for change management along the journey.

Soumaya HamzaouiCo-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Juandre de JongSVP Product
Episode 90 | 2024-04-24

How RedCloud levels the playing field for fair trade using data

In developed nations, corporations often rollup and eat independent mom and pop shops into big box retail or big .coms that centralize supply chains and logistics. Meanwhile, independent sellers are the backbone of emerging markets. But a collision is starting to occur and it’s happening fast. Big corporations want to bring the same strategy to these emerging markets, so how can the independent seller maintain their independence? To do that, they need technology partners like RedCloud. In this conversation, we learn how RedCloud sits at the forefront of the 3 key disruptions inside of emerging markets: employment, technology, and sustainability. Learn how Soumaya Hamzaoui, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer and JD de Jong, SVP of Product combine data, technology and deep knowledge of emerging economies to help independent sellers.

Valerie LoganCEO & Founder of The Data Lodge and Chief Strategy Officer
Jason BeyerVice President, Data & Analytics
Episode 89 | 2024-04-10

How to Create a Data and AI Literate Company with Bridgestone and The Data Lodge

In this episode, Cindi Howson is joined by Valerie A. Logan, CEO and founder of the DataLodge, and Jason Beyer, Vice President of Data and Analytics at Bridgestone Americas. They delve into the vital concepts of data literacy and AI literacy, sharing their insights and experiences in fostering a data-driven culture within organizations. Valerie, widely regarded as the "godmother of data literacy," sheds light on the three key pillars of her approach: mindset, language, and skills. Jason provides a behind-the-scenes look at how Bridgestone is cultivating data literacy, including partnerships with HR, creating a data marketplace, and fostering a community of data enthusiasts.

Chris StephensField CTO
Episode 88 |

Data, AI, Action: Navigating GenAI with Chris Stephens, Field CTO at Appen

In this episode, Chris Stephens, Field CTO at Appen, dives into how CDO’s are navigating the world of generative AI. From setting clear expectations to driving adoption within organizations, Chris and Cindi explore the challenges and opportunities in this evolving landscape. Chris shares Appen's innovative approach to integrating humans into deep learning processes and discusses the potential of synthetic data. Plus, he shares how crucial human expertise is, in shaping ethical AI practices and touches on the impact of legislation and industry trends on AI's future.

Alfredo ColasSenior Vice President of Data and Analytics
Episode 87 | 2024-03-06

How Procter and Gamble Pioneered Big Data

Michael Jordan once said that players win games, and teams win championships. In this episode, Cindi interviews Alfredo Colas, Senior Vice President of Data and Analytics at Procter & Gamble. Together, they explore the importance of fostering a data-driven culture and digital fluency, while delving into strategies for overcoming challenges in data culture. They also discuss the company's rich history of data innovation and the evolving impact of technology on data access and processing. From key insights on investing in data and AI fluency to discussing the role of the AI factory in accelerating machine learning processes, Alfredo and Cindi cover it all.

Nisha PaliwalManaging VP of Enterprise Data Technology
Episode 86 | 2024-02-21

Secrets of Success with Nisha Paliwal from Capital One

Giving ABC’s more meaning, in this episode of The Data Chief host Cindi Howson, engages in a captivating conversation with Nisha Paliwal, the managing VP of Enterprise Data Technology at Capital One. Nisha dives into her multifaceted role as a tech leader, visionary, and advocate for STEM education. The discussion traverses topics ranging from the impact of technology on younger generations to the future of work in the era of AI. With insights into Nisha's unique ABC leadership framework and Capital One's innovative culture, this episode offers a rich exploration of data leadership and human-centered tech strategy.

Katie Russell Data Director
Episode 85 | 2024-02-07

AI for Good: Inside OVO's Mission to Decarbonize Homes and Empower Customers

On this episode of The Data Chief, Katie Russell, Data Director at OVO Energy shares OVO’s transformative journey to become a sustainable energy leader, emphasizing the shift to Google Cloud Platform and a data mesh strategy. The discussion covers OVO's innovative use of generative AI, measuring success through customer savings, and the ongoing challenge of fostering a data-driven culture.

Juergen KallingerVice President of Reporting & Analytics
Episode 84 | 2024-01-24

From Reporting to Decision Science: Inside HP

You’ve heard the term data science, but have you heard about decision science? Juergen Kallinger, VP of Data and Insights at HP, shares valuable insights and reflections from his 22-year journey at HP. In this episode, Juergen dives into HP’s pivotal shift from solely reporting, to the dynamic realm of decision science and how it’s aligned their data team.

Sandy CarterChief Operating Officer
Prab PitchandiVice President and Global Head
Jai DasPresident/Partner & Co-Founder
Episode 83 | 2024-01-10

Expert Data & AI Industry Predictions in 2024 with Jai Das, Sandy Carter, and Prab Pitchandi

Gen-AI, Gen-AI, Gen-AI. The transformative technology has captured the imagination of everyone in the tech industry. Industries are shifting before our eyes, and the roles and responsibilities of data practitioners everywhere are going to shift again. The question is not whether an impact will be made, but what will the impact be?

Cindi HowsonChief Data Strategy Officer
Episode 82 | 2023-11-22

The Data Chief returns in 2024

2023 was a year of unlocking the value of data like never before. Featuring incredible companies such as, Dell, Netflix and ThoughtSpot. What’s to come in 2024? Stay tuned.

Benn StancilField CTO
Episode 81 | 2023-10-25

How to Organize Modern Data and Analytics Teams with Mode Analytics Co-Founder, Benn Stancil

On this episode, Benn Stancil, Co-Founder of Mode Analytics and current Field CTO at Thoughtspot shares his thoughts on who wants to use data to solve problems, and who just wants data to validate an opinion. He brings unique perspectives to how data excellence can be proliferated through an organization, whether shadow IT is a nuisance or a guide post, and how large language models will influence the future of data.

Diana SchildhouseChief Analytics and Insights Officer
Episode 80 | 2023-10-11

Democratizing Data with Colgate-Palmolive Chief Analytics & Insights Officer, Diana Schildhouse

Diana Schildhouse, Chief Analytics and Insights Officer at Colgate-Palmolive, discusses driving business value through analytics, ensuring executives are data fluent, innovating with AI, and her career path through iconic brands like Mattel and Disney.

Sebastien RozanesChief Data & Analytics Officer
Episode 79 | 2023-09-27

How to create an ecosystem moat via data sharing with CDAO at retailer Carrefour

As the world’s seventh largest retailer, Carrefour is using advanced analytics to transform operations, better serve customers, and pioneer the future of retail. Chief Data & Analytics Officer Sebastien Rozanes explains how the company is leveraging data and generative AI to drive measurable business value across merchandising, supply chain, marketing and more.

Dr. Barb WixomPrincipal Research Scientist
Vin VashishtaFounder
Asha SaxenaFounder & CEO
Episode 78 | 2023-09-13

Three Must-Read Data and Analytics Books with Dr. Barb Wixom, Vin Vashishta, and Asha Saxena

It’s that time of year again. On this episode of The Data Chief, Cindi dives into three of the hottest book recommendations for data and analytics leaders and sits down with Vin Vashishta, author of From Data to Profit, Dr. Barb Wixom, author of Data is Everybody’s Business, and Asha Saxena, author of The AI Factor.

Geraldine Wong, Ph.D.CDO
Episode 77 | 2023-08-30

Reimagining the banking experience with CDO of Singapore's GXS Bank

Not many CDOs get to enter a new role with a clean slate. But Geraldine Wong, CDO for GXS Bank in Singapore did just that. In this episode of The Data Chief, she explains how the bank has built a foundation of data literacy by providing employees the right tools, access, and knowledge to put data at the forefront of their workflow. This culture of education and understanding establishes trust, empowers departments to “self-serve” data for better productivity, and ultimately leads to stronger understanding of data for customers and employees alike.

Sumathi ThiyagarajanVP, Business Strategy & Analytics
Episode 76 | 2023-08-16

How to find and retain data team talent with the VP of Analytics at the Milwaukee Bucks

In this episode of The Data Chief, hosts Cindi Howson and Sonny Rivera interview Sumathi Thiyagarajan, the VP of Business Strategy and Analytics for the Milwaukee Bucks and Fiserv Forum. Sumathi discusses being a data leader in professional sports, building a data team from the ground up, and leveraging insights to continually provide the best fan experience.

Alex VianaVP of Data
Episode 75 | 2023-08-01

Balancing long-term vision with near-term action with Vercel’s VP of Data

Alex Viana, VP of Data at Vercel, has had a truly unique career. Starting with a role at the Hubble Space Telescope, Alex found his way into the data space by way of data security and searching for leaked data assets. Today, he leads the data organization at Vercel, where he views building – teams, technology processes, and metrics – as his primary responsibility. . In this episode Alex shares his thoughts on leading data teams at different (but fast-growing) tech companies, the importance of building scalable data platforms, delivering value through stakeholder engagement, and balancing long-term vision with short-term action as a key to success.

Terry MyersonCEO
Episode 74 | 2023-07-19

How healthcare data can save lives with Truveta CEO Terry Myerson

Each day, valuable patient data collected by healthcare systems. When used properly as part of healthcare analytics, this can help drive better outcomes for both patients and providers. However, when data management is not effectively implemented, organizations lose out on these benefits. Terry Myerson, CEO of Truveta, saw the need to unlock data’s potential while still ensuring privacy and security. In this episode, he discusses his company’s unique approach, the urgent need for better data insights for treatment protocols, and how AI is creating both efficiencies and concerns when making sense of data.

Yao MorinCTO
Episode 73 | 2023-07-06

How data is transforming commercial real estate at JLL

It’s one thing for a company to invest in new technology. It’s another for a company to become invested in technology. In this episode, Yao Morin, CTO of JLL explains how she isn’t just adding data to the company workflow, but is instead fostering a culture of innovation and data-driven mindsets across the 240-year-old company through education, and by demonstrating data’s business value across departments.

Jeremy FormanExecutive Director Data Strategy, Data Science & Data Platforms
Episode 72 | 2023-06-21

How to build a data culture with purpose

The role of data teams continues to evolve across industries. But in mission-driven fields such as healthcare, data creates efficiencies that could potentially save lives. In this episode of The Data Chief, Cindi is joined by Jeremy Forman of Seagen to discuss the pivotal role his data team plays in driving insights-informed decision-making, and how they successfully collaborate with other departments to improve patient outcomes.

Raja MusunuruChief Product Officer
Episode 71 | 2023-06-08

How to manage consumption creep in a cloud-based world

When it comes to investing, it’s been said that the biggest risk of all is not taking one. But for many of us, the prospect of figuring out how and where to smartly invest our money is overwhelming if not flat out confusing. TIFIN is a FinTech company focused on democratizing this process by matching investors to potential investments with AI. In this episode Raja Musunuru, the Chief Product Officer of financial tech leader TIFIN, covers a wide range of topics, from the importance of understanding customer needs, to promoting data fluency across an organization.

Elizabeth StoneVP, Data & Insights
Episode 70 | 2023-05-18

Netflix on Balancing Data with Intuition for Better Insights

Using data to gain customer insights can be difficult. Using data to gain customer insights from an ever-growing, ever-changing entertainment audience presents a much steeper challenge. In this episode, Elizabeth Stone, VP, Data & Insights at Netflix, explains how her dedicated team reflects the larger Netflix culture, balancing hard data with a mindset of learning and experimentation to make decisions that improves the Netflix experience.

Dr. Alexander BorekDirector of Data Analytics
Episode 69 | 2023-05-03

Why Online Retailer Zalando Was First to Embrace the Data Mesh

Most data professionals aspire to be leaders within a single industry. It’s rare to see professionals establish and re-establish themselves as powerful influencers across multiple verticals. But this is precisely what Dr. Alexander Borek has done, helping some of the world’s most recognizable brands scale tangible value from data, analytics, and AI. In this episode, he covers a wide range of topics, including his personal career journey, creating cultures of innovation, centralized vs. decentralized data products, and the imminent impact of generative AI.

Ido BigerEVP, CTO & Chief Data Officer
Episode 68 | 2023-04-19

Delek US and Proving Value as the CDO

The role of the CDO is changing, and with these changes come new opportunities to prove business value. On this episode of The Data Chief, Ido Biger, EVP of Data and Technology for Delek US, explains how he’s breaking down data silos and turning insights to action. He also takes listeners through several analytics use cases including creating operational efficiencies for frontline workers and reducing customer churn.

Bill SchmarzoCustomer Data Innovation
Episode 67 | 2023-04-05

Bill Schmarzo on Why Companies Need to Pivot from Data-Driven to Value-Driven

What is the true value of data? Whether you’ve been collecting data for years or are just getting started, the reality is that data holds zero value on its own. In fact, it’s a huge cost. In this episode of The Data Chief, industry veteran Bill Schmarzo, currently in Customer Data Innovation at Dell Technologies, shares why modern data leaders must let go of the notion of being data-driven and focus on business outcomes. He also discusses how having more data isn’t always the right move, especially when considering larger business goals.

Dora BoussiasSenior Director, Data Strategy & Architecture
Episode 66 | 2023-03-22

How to Connect Data Strategy to Business Value

Modern data leaders know creating a data-informed culture requires cross-functional partnership and collaboration across the entire business. IT by themselves can’t do it. Nor can individual business departments. Both the IT and business strategy must be in lock step to achieve results. On this episode of The Data Chief, Dora Boussias, Senior Director of Data Strategy and Architecture at Stryker, discusses the role of modern data executives, three keys to creating a data-informed culture, and her approach to breaking down silos based on her own 28 years of experience building effective data strategies across industries.

Jack BerkowitzCDO
Episode 65 | 2023-03-08

ADP on Closing the Pay Gap with Data

Every month, millions of people start jobs, end jobs, and receive pay for their work, resulting in billions of rows of workforce data. As a leader in HR management services, ADP is not only capturing this data for customers, it’s empowering them to turn their data-driven insights into action. In today’s episode, Chief Data Officer, Jack Berkowitz, shares how the pandemic disproportionately impacted certain industries and workers, findings from the company’s most recent National Employment Report, how the company is helping customers close the pay gap by billions of dollars, and his take on the metrics layer as the new battleground for business.

Amit PrakashCo-founder and CTO
Episode 64 | 2023-02-22

How to Harness the Explosive Growth of ChatGPT for AI Innovation

Historically, computers haven’t been particularly good at determining user intent from real-world language inputs. But, with the rise of ChatGPT and other large language model technologies, AI systems are achieving new levels of accuracy in understanding and responding to human queries. In this episode, Amit Prakash, Co-founder and CTO of Thoughtspot shares his thoughts on the evolution of AI, and the responsibility needed to make it ready for everyday use.

Tom DavenportDistinguished Professor
Tony BaerFounder, and CEO
Sonny RiveraSr. Analytics Evangelist
Episode 63 | 2023-01-18

Top Data & AI Industry Trends in 2023 with Tom Davenport, Tony Baer, and Sonny Rivera

As we embark on a new year with an uncertain economic future at hand, data and analytics professionals have the opportunity to utilize data trends for optimal business impact. We’re joined today by three data and analytics experts, Tom Davenport, Tony Baer, and Sonny Rivera. As each shares their background, expertise, and predictions for 2023, a common theme of investing in foundational principles shines through. As Cindi predicted in 2022, the role of the analytics engineer replaced that of the data scientist as the world's most-desirable job. But what does this mean for our analytics boot camps, and what we should be teaching there? What about the role of AI is changing within the workplace, and how will the workforce of the future cohabitate with it? Finally, which data storage solutions are superior? The debate about data mesh continues.

Cindi HowsonChief Data Strategy Officer
Episode 62 | 2022-11-16

Six Rules to Dominate the Decade of Data

Today’s digital economy is more competitive than ever, and making smart data decisions can be what sets the leaders apart from the rest of the field. With new technologies now democratizing data at an accelerated pace, how can companies ensure that their data strategy is helping them stay ahead of the curve? As our third season comes to a close, Cindi takes a look back at some of our most insightful conversations to lay out six essential rules that every Data Chief should follow to dominate the decade of data.

Cindi HowsonChief Data Strategy Officer
Episode 61 | 2022-11-02

ThoughtSpot’s Cindi Howson on Best Practices for Driving Impact from Data & Analytics (Ep. 26 Refresh)

On this episode of The Data Chief, we look back at some of the key themes from season one, including the rise of the CDO, the intricacies of aligning your department’s goals with that of the businesses, and how you coped with accelerated timelines. While we relive these important conversations, we also discuss why culture and data fluency continue to be the biggest hurdles to becoming a truly data-driven business.

John HughesChief Strategy Officer
Episode 60 | 2022-10-19

The Modern Milkman’s Chief Strategy Officer, John Hughes on Using Data to Save Our Oceans from Plastic

Each year, around 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean, killing wildlife and damaging the environment for future generations. Much of this pollution originates from the wasteful packaging used for everyday grocery products. But a greener grocery alternative is making waves from across the pond. Joining us today is John Hughes, Chief Strategy Officer at The Modern Milkman, a UK-based grocery delivery company that brings locally sourced goods directly to customers without any single-use plastics. From the startup’s early days, John sought to invest heavily in data modernization. Hear how his data-driven approach has helped the company cultivate a shared mission with customers to make the world a cleaner, safer, and better place for all of its creatures.

Jan SheppardChief Data and Analytics Officer
Episode 59 | 2022-10-05

New Zealand's Crown Research Institute CDAO, Jan Sheppard on Treating Data as a Treasure

Treating data as a treasure is a foundational principle for Jan Sheppard, the Chief Data and Analytics officer at New Zealand’s Crown Research Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR.) This agency leads ongoing research in public health, environmental health, and forensics for the country of New Zealand. Like many other CDAOs, her role is relatively new. But the unique values she applies to data can be traced back many hundreds of years to the indigenous Maori people of her country. Through her work, Jan recognizes the profound impact data can have on people and their environments for generations to come. Learn more about the important climate and health policy challenges that ESR is working to solve with data in this episode, plus her take on data literacy vs. business savviness, and why her data strategy is just two pages long.

Julien MolezInnovation Data & AI Leader
Episode 58 | 2022-09-21

Société Générale’s Innovation Data & AI Leader Julien Molez on Creating a Value-Driven Data Framework

At French bank, Société Générale, providing the best customer experience in the modern digital world means rethinking everything about banking, including its corporate structure. Three years ago, Julien Molez, joined the bank’s leadership team to become the first Innovation Data & AI Leader. On this episode of The Data Chief, Julien addresses changes sweeping the banking industry, including higher customer expectations, tougher regulations, and the ESG revolution. He also reminds us that at the end of the day, fancy AI models and algorithms will only perform as well as the data that goes into them.

Tim HarfordNYT Bestselling Author, Financial Times Columnist, BBC Host, and Author of The Data Detective
Zhamak DehghaniFounder and Author of The Data Mesh
Brent DykesFounder and Chief Data Storyteller at AnalyticsHero, Author of Effective Data Storytelling
Episode 57 | 2022-09-07

Three Must-Read Data and Analytics Books with Tim Harford, Zhamak Dehghani, and Brent Dykes

It is once again that time of year when our host, Cindi Howson shares her favorite data and analytics book recommendations. In this special annual episode, we feature three of the industry’s top data writers, thinkers, and fellow podcasters. Tim Harford comes to the conversation with his new book, The Data Detective, and big-picture ideas about how traits like curiosity serve data scientists so well. Zhamak Dehghani shares her concept of The Data Mesh, especially as it relates to sharing data across business verticals. Finally, in his book, Effective Data Storytelling, Brent Dykes compels readers to think carefully about the way they craft the message or narrative around the data they’re interpreting.

Jessica LachsVP, Analytics & Data Science
Episode 56 | 2022-08-17

DoorDash’s VP of Analytics & Data Science, Jessica Lachs on Leveraging Data to Delight Customers Despite a Challenging Supply Chain

Who’s hungry? Thanks to delivery apps like DoorDash, it’s never been easier for modern consumers to satisfy almost any craving in just a few taps. At the helm of DoorDash’s data organization is VP of Analytics & Data Science, Jessica Lachs. With metrics guiding every decision at the company, a key part of her decision-making comes down to properly quantifying the value of each possible tradeoff. Learn more about her decision-making framework, plus how her career in finance evolved into entrepreneurship and ultimately led her to create the data and analytics organization at DoorDash.

Jerry GuptaSenior Vice President, P&C R&D
Episode 55 | 2022-07-27

Swiss Re’s SVP of P&C R&D, Jerry Gupta on AI Innovation and Building Revenue-Enhancing Data Models

Swiss RE’s SVP of P&C R&D, Jerry Gupta is a firm believer in the revenue-generating potential and AI and machine learning. On this episode of The Data Chief, Jerry offers his view on innovative data models, frameworks for building and operationalizing these models, what makes a good data scientist, and why it will always be more challenging for data teams to maintain existing models vs. innovate new ones.

Pascale HutzChief Data Officer
Episode 54 | 2022-07-13

American Express CDO and EVP Enterprise Digital & Data Solutions, Pascale Hutz on Managing Data as a Product and Rewarding Creative Destruction

What keeps a data pro at one company for almost thirty years? On this episode of The Data Chief, Pascale Hutz, the Chief Data Officer and EVP of Enterprise Digital & Data Solutions at American Express, shares how her career at American Express has transformed over the years and what she’s learned along the way. Tune in to hear more about her latest cloud migration journey, why she’s on a “mission to decommission,” and how she fights imposter syndrome even as a C-level executive in one of the largest, most impactful financial services firms in the world.

Victoria Gamerman, PhDGlobal Head of Data Governance and Insights
Episode 53 | 2022-06-29

Boehringer Ingelheim’s Dr. Victoria Gamerman on Design Thinking in Healthcare and Creating a Data-Sharing Ecosystem

How can data be activated to create better healthcare outcomes? Dr. Victoria Gamerman, the Global Head of Data Governance and Insights at Boehringer Ingelheim, offers that part of the answer is that data is changing to be thought of as part of the broader healthcare “ecosystem.” Listen in for more of Victoria’s takes on how data can improve healthcare.

Kjersten MoodyChief Data Officer
Episode 52 | 2022-06-15

Prudential Financial’s CDO Kjersten Moody on Continuous Learning & Collaboration to Drive Impact with Data

What does it take to turn a new position that never existed into one that delivers transformation for an entire organization? As the first Chief Data Officer at Prudential Financial and the initial Chief Data Analytics Officer at a prior career stop at State Farm, Kjersten Moody knows the answer. Tune in to learn how being a constant learner has consistently allowed her to see challenges as opportunities for growth.

Abhi BhattAVP, Technology, Data & Analytics
Episode 51 | 2022-06-01

CarMax AVP of Technology, Data & Analytics, Abhi Bhatt on Using Third Party Data to Build Better Customer Experiences

How do you make innovation truly come alive at your organization? For Abhi Bhatt, the AVP, Technology, Data & Analytics at CarMax, innovation is about taking risks, seizing opportunities, and challenging yourself to get a little better each day.. Abhi also describes his approach to upskilling teammates across the business, the role of third-party data in delivering better customer experiences, and how culture is helping companies win the war on talent.

Heidi LanfordChief Data Officer
Episode 50 | 2022-05-18

Fitch Group’s Heidi Lanford on Finding a Voice in the C-Suite and Improving Data Literacy

As data and insights become more important to business success, it makes sense that the office of a Chief Data Officer has evolved as well. It’s gone from a defensive role focused on stewardship and data protection to an offensive role focused on monetization and creating strategic value. Our guest today, Heidi Lanford, CDO of Fitch Group, is seeing that evolution firsthand. She shares with us how CDOs can build effective partnerships with their executive counterparts with clear focus and communication. She also shares why there can be considerable career value in choosing to be uncomfortable, how she builds diversity into her team, and best practices for improving data literacy.

Mahmood MajeedManaging Partner, Global Leader for Digital and Technology Business
Murali VridhachalamHead of Enterprise Data and Analytics
Episode 49 | 2022-05-04

Gilead Sciences’ Murali Vridhachalam and ZS Associates’ Mahmood Majeed on the Modern Data Stack and Data Mesh

The data landscape is evolving in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. Murali Vridhachalam, the Head of Enterprise Data and Analytics at Gilead Sciences, and Mahmood Majeed, Managing Partner at ZS Associates, offer their compelling perspectives on digital transformation in life sciences and healthcare and how data can be used in these areas to improve patient outcomes. Plus, Mahmood and Murali share their takes on how to effectively reskill data professionals and the role of IT in healthcare and life sciences is evolving.

Dr. Katia WalshChief Global Strategy and AI Officer
Episode 48 | 2022-04-20

Levi Strauss & Co. Dr. Katia Walsh on Using AI and Analytics to Create Cutting-Edge Customer Experiences

Your data will never be clean and it will never be perfect. So how do we create meaningful models anyway? As Dr. Katia Walsh puts it, data leaders are facing a “tsunami of data.” But that tsunami shouldn’t stop you from testing, iterating, and moving quickly. Dr. Walsh is the Chief Global Strategy and AI Officer at Levi Strauss & Co. and today she shares how her team has leveraged a mindset of “think big, start small, scale fast” to create cutting-edge data models and digital capabilities quickly.

Cara DaileyEVP and Chief Data Officer
Episode 47 | 2022-04-06

LPL Financial's Cara Dailey on Data Enablement and Balancing Data Defense with Offense

It takes a multi-pronged approach to be a Chief Data Officer in the modern day, and its trailblazers like Cara Dailey who have helped mold the position into what it is today. Cara is the EVP and CDO for LPL Financial with previous roles at companies like Nike, Bank of the West, and Silicon Valley Bank. A veteran in the world of data, she joins The Data Chief to discuss data governance vs. data enablement, how to balance data defense with offense, the role of technology in data-driven decision-making, and her best advice to data leaders struggling to find their voice in the C-suite.

Deeksha SinghDirector, Data and Analytics
Vandana KhannaDirector Digital Finance Transformation
Episode 46 | 2022-03-23

Unilever’s Vandana Khanna and Deeksha Singh on Demystifying Data, Dreaming Bigger, and Inspiring Business Users with The Art of the Possible

Data is a key asset for any organization undergoing transformation. Together, Vandana Khanna, Deeksha Singh and their teams work across continents, brands, and cultures to infuse data into every decision at Unilever. But like any major business initiative, digital transformation is a journey. The challenges and opportunities that exist are vast, varied, and endless. Tune in to hear how this dynamic duo are improving data literacy at every level, eliminating manual reporting and data visualization work, creating more awareness around bias, increasing sustainability, and driving organization-wide change with faster, easier access to insights.

Nitish MathewGlobal Head of Data Engineering and Governance
Episode 45 | 2022-03-09

Afterpay’s Nitish Mathew on Prioritizing Customer Needs, Balancing Governance and Freedom, and Giving Your Team Purpose

Over the last two years, Afterpay has more than doubled its consumer base from 7 million to 19 million by giving consumers more opportunities to make big-ticket purchases using its simple, pay-over-time platform. Their ever-growing success in the crowded payments market is what led the company to be acquired by Block, the parent company for such brands as Cash App, Square, and TIDAL. Now, as part of the Block family, Afterpay Senior Director of Data Engineering & Governance, Nitish Mathew has made the move to Cash App where his team’s mission is to enable data and platforms for everyone in the company. He joins The Data Chief to discuss measuring the impact of analytics, the rise of the analytics engineer, the importance of taking risks, and much more.

Takuya KitagawaManaging Executive Officer & CDO
Episode 44 | 2022-02-16

Rakuten’s Takuya Kitagawa on Digital Twins, Getting a CEO to Love Data, and Moonshots

As the Managing Executive Officer & CDO at Rakuten, Takuya Kitagawa’s charter is both varied and complex. For the past four years he has guided the digital native through accelerated expansion into multiple industries, including online banking, shopping, mobile communications, and travel, in order to deliver customers a more integrated and affordable service experience. Takuya dives into the concept of ‘digital twins’ and how the company is using tight data integrations to enhance customer experiences. He also gives a behind-the-scenes look at several moonshot ideas that the company is investing in, including a revolutionary technology that seeks to cure cancer.

Chu-Cheng HsiehCDO
Episode 43 | 2022-02-02

Etsy's Chu-Cheng Hsieh on Using Data to Develop a Thriving Marketplace

As the first CDO at Etsy, Chu-Cheng Hsieh offers a unique perspective on helping build a data-driven organization from the ground up. Chu-Cheng shares how he’s fostered a culture of experimentation that has led to rapid growth and transformation within the company. He also dives into trends such as machine learning and data observability, and explains some of the most helpful mental frameworks he’s learned in his life and career.

Jay RiolaSVP of Strategy & Innovation
Charlie ShinVP of Data Strategy and Analytics
Episode 42 | 2022-01-19

Using Data to Transform the Fan Experience in Football and Basketball: Insights from the Indianapolis Colts and Orlando Magic

Jay Riola, SVP of Strategy and Innovation for the Orlando Magic, and Charlie Shin, VP of Data Strategy and Analytics for the Indianapolis Colts share how they’re using data and analytics to enhance fan experiences. With perspectives from both the NBA and the NFL, Jay and Charlie explore the evolution of mobile ticketing, challenges with identity management, the importance of building fan trust, and the most surprising insights they’ve ever discovered within their data.

Iwao FusilloChief Data and Analytics Officer
Episode 41 | 2022-01-05

GM’s Iwao Fusillo on Recruiting Top Talent and Building a Successful Data Literacy Strategy

Iwao Fusillo, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at General Motors explains why domain expertise is not a precursor to a successful career in data and analytics, how to scale remote and hybrid teams, and how to implement a data literacy strategy within a legacy company.

Ben TaylorChief AI Evangelist
Chris D'AgostinoGlobal Field CTO
Bruno AzizaHead of Data & Analytics
Episode 39 | 2021-12-08

The Top Trends in 2022 for Data Leaders from DataRobot, Databricks, and Google

On this episode of The Data Chief, top data and analytics executives from DataRobot, Databricks, and Google join Cindi to discuss trends shaping the future of analytics and provide bold predictions for the upcoming year.

Vijay KotuSVP of Data and Analytics
Episode 40 | 2021-12-08

ServiceNow’s Vijay Kotu on the Power of Micro-Decisions and Aligning Data Strategy to Business Strategy

Vijay Kotu is the SVP of Data and Analytics for ServiceNow, a company that is helping enterprises manage digital workflows. In this episode of the Data Chief, Vijay discusses how he is building a high-growth “mathematical enterprise” where frontline workers are empowered to make smarter business decisions with data and AI. He also speaks about the impact of ecosystems, the need for businesses to have a holistic view of their data in order to create positive outcomes, and why being intentional about analytics use cases is absolutely essential.

Randy BeanFounder & CEO
John ThompsonGlobal Head, Advanced Analytics and AI
Cole Knussbaumer KnaflicFounder & CEO
Douglas LaneyData & Analytics Innovation Fellow
Episode 38 | 2021-08-25

Four Must Read Books for Data and Analytics Leaders with Randy Bean, John Thompson, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, and Doug Laney

The data and analytics field is evolving rapidly. As is the role of the modern data and analytics leader. To keep pace with new trends, organizational best practices, and technologies, leaders need to make learning a priority, whether that’s reading or podcasting — or both!

Daniel SeymoreHead of Business Intelligence
Episode 37 | 2021-08-11

Investec’s Daniel Seymore on Change Management, Business Agility, and Developing Domain Expertise

Daniel Seymore, Head of Business Intelligence at South Africa-based financial services company, Investec, covers best practices for building successful teams, upskilling the next generation of IT professionals, and why domain experience is the prominent skill needed for all data and analytics leaders.

JoAnn StonierChief Data Officer
Episode 36 | 2021-07-28

Mastercard’s JoAnn Stonier on Responsible AI and Applying Human-Centric Design Principles to Data Problems

JoAnn Stonier, Chief Data Officer at Mastercard, explains data’s impact on people, how CDOs lay the groundwork for strategic innovation, and the progress that’s been made toward building responsible AI

Sol RashidiChief Analytics Officer
Episode 35 | 2021-07-14

Estée Lauder’s Sol Rashidi on Treating Data as a Product, Turning Failures into Success, and the Unique Position of the CDO

Sol Rashidi, Chief Analytics Officer at Estée Lauder Companies, discusses the importance of understanding and learning from past failures, the need to take a product-centric approach, and why your product roadmap should be technology agnostic.

Ameet ShettyChief Data and Analytics Officer
Episode 34 | 2021-06-30

Pilot Flying J’s Ameet Shetty on Cloud Data Infrastructure, Governance, Analytics Talent

Ameet Shetty, Chief Data and Analytics Officer for Pilot Flying J, discusses the evolving role of the CDO leveraging data for customer experience analytics and how best to organize data and analytics talent.

Ryan GracianoCTO
Episode 33 | 2021-06-16

Credit Karma’s Ryan Graciano on Data Marts, Data Models, and Disrupting the Credit Landscape

Ryan Graciano, CTO of Credit Karma, discusses the importance of data hygiene, explainable AI and why data literacy is something you have to continuously work at.

Darren PedrozaVP Enterprise Data and Analytics
Episode 32 | 2021-06-02

First Command’s Darren Pedroza on Being a Data Activist and Leading your Company Through Digital Transformation

Darren Pedroza, VP Enterprise Data and Analytics at First Command Financial Services, discusses the new role of the CDO, agile data management best practices, and how to lead teams through the deep, sometimes scary, waters of digital transformation.

Serena HuangGlobal Head of People Analytics
Episode 31 | 2021-05-19

Kraft Heinz’s Serena Huang on Retaining Top Talent with People Analytics

Serena Huang, Global Head of People Analytics at Kraft Heinz Company explains how companies are using data and analytics to measure employee success.

Grant ParsamyanVice President - Data Engineering and Analytics
Episode 30 | 2021-05-05

OpenTable’s Grant Parsamyan on How Data and Analytics is Helping the Restaurant Industry Rebound from COVID-19

Grant Parsamyan, Senior Vice President of Data and Analytics at OpenTable, discusses how the team is using data to capture a 360-degree view of the restaurant industry and why organization-wide data literacy is fundamental for success.

Brad KlingenbergChief Algorithms Officer
Episode 29 | 2021-04-21

Daily Harvest’s Brad Klingenberg on How Data-Driven Personalization is Driving Food Creation

Brad Klingenberg, Chief Algorithms Officer at Daily Harvest, explains the importance of aligning customer wants with business value to create uniquely personalized experiences.

Ian WongCTO
Episode 28 | 2021-04-07

Opendoor’s Ian Wong on Disrupting the Real Estate Industry with Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Ian Wong, co-founder and CTO of Opendoor, discusses how Opendoor uses data and machine learning to streamline the process of buying and selling your home, disrupting an entire industry.

Ajeet SinghCo-founder and Executive Chairman
Episode 27 | 2021-03-11

ThoughtSpot’s Ajeet Singh on Designing Disruption for Analytics

Ajeet Singh, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at ThoughtSpot, details the biggest challenges facing the data industry today.

Cindi HowsonChief Data Strategy Officer
Episode 26 | 2021-02-24

ThoughtSpot’s Cindi Howson on Chief Data Officer success strategies

Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot and host of The Data Chief, revisits key conversations and themes from season one.Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot and host of The Data Chief, revisits key conversations and themes from season one.

Ruha BenjaminProfessor of African American Studies
Episode 25 | 2021-02-03

Princeton University's Ruja Benjamin on bias in data and AI

Author and professor Ruha Benjamin explains how flawed data can have disastrous, real-world consequences for women and people of color.

Radha SankaranExecutive Director of Algorithmic Customer Experiences
Episode 24 | 2021-01-20

Verizon's Radha Sankaran on personalizing customer experiences and improving frontline decision-making with data

Verizon’s Radha Sankaran discusses creating a personalized 360 customer journey and shares strategies for empowering frontline employees with data. Plus, Radha tells us her advice for women and girls in tech.

Wayne EckersonFounder and Principal Consultant
Tom DavenportDistinguished Professor
Donald FarmerPrincipal
Episode 23 | 2021-01-13

Donald Farmer, Wayne Eckerson, and Tom Davenport on data and analytics trends to watch in 2021

After a year of facing the unexpected, what trends and technologies should data and analytics leaders expect to see more of in 2021? Hear from: Donald Farmer, Wayne Eckerson, and Tom Davenport.

Chris PowersSVP and Global Product Manager of Business Data Analytics & Digital Innovations
Episode 22 | 2021-01-06

Citigroup's Chris Powers on data literacy

Chris Powers, SVP and Global Product Manager of Business Data Analytics & Digital Innovations at Citigroup, discusses data literacy, common data sense, and the five whys.

Jim TyoCDO
Episode 21 | 2020-12-02

Invesco's Jim Tyo on data governance best practices

Jim Tyo, CDO at Invesco and the former CDO at Nationwide, discusses the evolution of data governance and information quality over the past decade, the ethical nuances of navigating privacy laws, advice for people aspiring to pursue a career in data, and much more.

Suzette KentFormer Federal CIO
Episode 20 | 2020-11-11

Federal Government's Suzette Kent on federal data strategy and IT modernization

Suzette Kent, the former US Federal Chief Information Officer, discusses the federal data strategy and the differences – good and bad – between the public and private sectors.

Jon OsbornSoftware Technology Executive
Todd CrosslinGlobal Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences
Episode 19 | 2020-10-28

Ensemble Health Partners' Jon Osborn and Snowflake's Todd Crosslin on cloud innovation in healthcare

Jon Osborn and Todd Crosslin discuss digital transformation in healthcare, the pros and cons of cloud, and the ROI for innovation.

Craig RowlandsGeneral Manager
Episode 18 | 2020-10-14

Medibanks' Craig Rowlands on saving lives with data literacy

Craig Rowlands, the General Manager of Medibank, discusses the life- and cost-saving benefits of leveraging data to improve healthcare.

Bernard MarrFounder & CEO
Episode 17 | 2020-09-30

Bernard Marr on Ai strategy and change management

Bestselling author Bernard Marr discusses nowcasting vs forecasting, creating a culture of change, and the future of AI, 5G, AR, VR, and more.

Chad HawkinsonChief Product and Data Officer
Episode 16 | 2020-09-16

Vertafore's Chad Hawkinson on cloud data security and streamlining workflows

Chad Hawkinson, Chief Product and Data Officer at Vertafore, discusses cloud security, the increasing role of data in insurance, and the dos and don’ts of analytics software adoption in the workplace.

Jason LallyCDO
Episode 15 | 2020-09-04

San Francisco County's Jason Lally on clarity and better serving people with data (pt. 2)

Jason Lally, CDO of San Francisco, discusses making the government’s data work for the people it serves and the #1 key to better communication. [Hint: It’s storytelling.]

Jason LallyCDO
Episode 14 | 2020-09-01

San Francisco County's Jason Lally on clarity and better serving people with data (pt. 1)

Jason Lally, the CDO for the City and County of San Francisco, discusses the kindness of data clarity, why open data is just the tip of the iceberg, and the power of a declarative mission statement.

Michelle JacobsPresident & Co-Founder
Episode 13 | 2020-08-19

Alight Analytics' Michelle Jacobs on data-driven marketing and respecting customer privacy (pt. 2)

Michelle Jacobs, Alight Analytics President and co-founder, discusses how to bring more women into analytics, why messy data tends to be directionally accurate, and what she predicts for the future of the industry.

Michelle JacobsPresident & Co-Founder
Episode 12 | 2020-08-19

Alight Analytics' Michelle Jacobs on data-driven marketing and respecting customer privacy (pt. 1)

Michelle Jacobs, Alight Analytics President and co-founder, discusses how data can empower marketers, tips for keeping up with the pace of change in technology, and more.

Alberto Rey VillaverdeCDO
Episode 11 | 2020-08-05

Just Eat's Alberto Rey Villaverde on machine learning, AI, and bridging the imagination gap (pt. 2)

Alberto Rey Villaverde, the CDO of Just Eat, dives into where he sees the data industry headed in the near and long term future.

Alberto Rey VillaverdeCDO
Episode 10 | 2020-08-05

Just Eat's Alberto Rey Villaverde on machine learning, AI, and bridging the imagination gap (pt. 1)

Alberto Rey Villaverde, Just Eat CDO, discusses why AI will always require a human touch and two key components crucial to the success of data companies.

Dr. Dana RollisonVP and CDO
Episode 9 | 2020-07-22

Moffitt Cancer Center's Dr. Dana Rollison on accelerating scientific discovery with data

Dr. Dana Rollison, VP, CDO, and ACD of Data Science at Moffitt Cancer Center, shares her work at Moffitt and how data is accelerating scientific discovery.

Sully McConnellCDO
Episode 8 | 2020-07-08

The Hartford's Sully McConnell on data infrastructure innovation

Sully McConnell, CDO of The Hartford, discusses the challenges he faced as a new data chief trying to innovate the infrastructure of an established company.

Jacques van NiekerkGlobal CEO
Episode 7 | 2020-07-01

Wunderman Thompson Data's Jacques van Niekerk on culture, innovation, and diversity

Jacques van Niekerk, Global CEO of Wunderman Thompson Data, discusses why data is not the new oil for businesses, but instead the new oxygen.

Grace Epperson
Chief Analytics Officer
Episode 6 | 2020-06-24

14 West's Grace Epperson on using data to improve customer experience

14 West’s Grace Epperson discusses data fluency, diversity in tech, 
team building, plus how a liberal arts education can complement 
a career in tech.

Gustavo CantonGustavo Canton
Episode 5 | 2020-06-10

Schneider Electric's Gustavo Canton on optimizing human potential with AI and automation

Schneider Electric’s Gustavo Canton discusses automation to 
augment (not replace) humans, intuiting what customers really need, 
and team management.

Max ChanChief Data Strategy Officer
Episode 4 | 2020-05-27

Avnet's Max Chan on digital transformation and IT innovation

Avnet CIO Max Chan discusses digital transformation in IT, why 
insightful data matters, plus tips for encouraging innovation within 
your IT department.

Scott PeckSenior Director of Data & Analytics
Episode 3 | 2020-05-30

PwC's Scott Peck on data storytelling and creating a culture of leadership

PwC’s Scott Peck discusses what it means to be an ‘Analyst of 
the Future’, his thoughts on leadership, and why data storytelling 
is a must-have skill.

Stephen HarrisCDO
Episode 2 | 2020-04-29

VMWare's Stephen Harris on navigating imperfect data

Stephen Harris, CDO of VMware, discusses growth, diversity in tech, being a change agent within your organization, bias in AI, and more!

Cindi HowsonChief Data Strategy Officer
Episode 1 | 2020-04-24

ThoughtSpot's Cindi Howson on the new role of the CDO

Data is transforming how we think about work, life, 
and play. Meet the world’s top data and analytics experts leading this data revolution.