The Data Chief | Episode 74

How healthcare data can save lives with Truveta CEO Terry Myerson

Terry Myerson



Current EpisodeEP74: How healthcare data can save lives with Truveta CEO Terry Myerson

Episode Overview

Each day, valuable patient data collected by healthcare systems. When used properly as part of healthcare analytics, this can help drive better outcomes for both patients and providers. However, when data management is not effectively implemented, organizations lose out on these benefits. Terry Myerson, CEO of Truveta, saw the need to unlock data’s potential while still ensuring privacy and security. In this episode, he discusses his company’s unique approach,  the urgent need for better data insights for treatment protocols, and how AI is creating both efficiencies and concerns when making sense of data.

Key Moments: 

  • The origin of Truveta [6:28]
  • Pulling data from the provider, not the patient [9:47]
  • Fragmentation, privacy, and unstructured data [11:58]
  • Healthcare data trends [15:50]
  • Population-level data [17:49]
  • Bringing in data from multiple systems [23:08]
  • Why transparency earns trust [26:10]
  • Language models and generative AI [28:10]
  • Terry’s career journey [35:29]

Key Quotes:

Truveta really is two founding stories... There was a group of healthcare systems across the country that for many years had gotten together to say, we have all this patient data that we're collecting during care, but we're not able to ask or answer these really important questions that make providing care less enjoyable because things are less data driven, perhaps less accurate, perhaps more expensive, less effective. And so there has been this discussion amongst healthcare systems: what can we do with all this precious data? Privacy is critical. Security is critical. But there's so much value trapped in this data.

We have 31 health systems across the United States [that] represent about 18% of all of the clinical encounters that take place in the United States every day. So it's a tremendous volume of data.

You know, it's like AI or so many things now in our society. There's so much good, so much incredible potential here to unlock from continuing to invest in making this available… in the right way and being proactive to try and avoid any misuse. It's worth persevering and trying to keep investing in enabling the research, enabling the transparency, earning the trust.



I am CEO and co-founder of Truveta, whose mission is Saving Lives with Data. Truveta delivers the most complete, timely, and clean EHR data on U.S. health from more than 30 leading health systems. Truveta aims to help researchers find cures faster, empower every clinician to be an expert, and help families make the most informed decision about their care. Truveta’s platform is not licensed for targeting advertising to patients or physicians.

Previously, I enjoyed a 21-year career at Microsoft. As Executive Vice President, I led the development of Windows, Surface, Xbox, and the early days of Office 365, while serving on the Senior Leadership Team of the company. Prior to Microsoft, I cofounded Intersé, one of the earliest Internet companies, which Microsoft acquired in 1997.

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