The Data Chief | Episode 79

How to create an ecosystem moat via data sharing with CDAO at retailer Carrefour

Sebastien Rozanes

Chief Data & Analytics Officer


Current EpisodeEP79: How to create an ecosystem moat via data sharing with CDAO at retailer Carrefour

Episode Overview

As the world’s seventh largest retailer, Carrefour is using advanced analytics to transform operations, better serve customers, and pioneer the future of retail. Chief Data & Analytics Officer Sebastien Rozanes explains how the company is leveraging data and generative AI to drive measurable business value across merchandising, supply chain, marketing and more.

Key Moments: 

  • How a strong data foundation and data monetization mindset accelerated data maturity at Carrefour (5:46)
  • Selling data to CPGs to improve collaboration and justify data investments (20:57)
  • The "data supermarket" analogy to get business leaders invested in data quality (30:39)
  • Reducing friction by enabling suppliers and retailers to work from the same data facts (32:33)
  • Starting with imagination not limitations to identify AI opportunities (42:08)
  • Leveraging ChatGPT to transform the ecommerce shopping experience (45:10)

Key Quotes: 

    It's okay to be 5% wrong, but 95% right…[with the time you free up] you will make up much more value than trying to optimize the last 5%.

    The role of Chief Data Analytics Officer goes way beyond the technology. It's 10 percent about technology, 20 percent about data, but actually 70 percent about transformation and adoption.

    Generative AI is a game changer for efficiency and helping us focus on human creativity.



    Sebastien Roznes is the Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Carrefour, a top 10 global retailer serving 80 million customers across more than 40 countries, including 8 countries with direct operations. Prior to joining Carrefour, Sebastien served as a Principal and Associate Director with the Boston Consulting Group with a focus in Digital, AI, and Data-Driven Transformations for Multinational Consumer Goods and Industrial Goods businesses. His educational background focuses on both Computer Science and Business providing him with unique insights on how data can serve the business. 

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