The Data Chief | Episode 72

How to build a data culture with purpose

Jeremy Forman

Executive Director Data Strategy, Data Science & Data Platforms


Current EpisodeEP72: How to build a data culture with purpose

Episode Overview

The role of data teams continues to evolve across industries. But in mission-driven fields such as healthcare, data creates efficiencies that could potentially save lives. In this episode of The Data Chief, Cindi is joined by Jeremy Forman of Seagen to discuss the pivotal role his data team plays in driving insights-informed decision-making, and how they successfully collaborate with other departments to improve patient outcomes.  

Key Moments: 

  • The key challenges for data leaders in healthcare (3:50)
  • How Jeremy’s team supports company-wide initiatives (9:16)
  • Fostering cross-team communication and collaboration (12:08)
  • An ideal data organizational structure (14:39)
  • Driving organizational change (17:09)
  • Building an entrepreneurial environment (20:59)
  • Setting competing priorities (29:01)
  • FAIR data principles (36:34)
  • Jeremy’s career path (41:19)


Key Quotes

Never let progress and delivery be at the cost of culture.

Know your business as well as the business knows the business.

I don't think we're going to be talking about chat GPT in 10 years because I think it's going to be so embedded in everything we do and all of our applications and things like this video conferencing software that we won't even chat GPT will be a thing of the past. It'll be more integrated and more seamless in everyday life.



About Jeremy Forman:

Global executive with extensive experience designing and implementing data strategies, building outcomes-focused inclusive teams, and leading organizations through digital and data transformations. An expert at aligning data and digital transformation outcomes with business goals by balancing innovation with risk and creating a data culture that responsibly scales the value of data across the enterprise.

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