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ThoughtSpot End User Functionality Training Day

ThoughtSpot End User Essentials


End User Essentials is the foundation course designed to teach participants the core end user functionality of ThoughtSpot. Through hands-on lecture, students will master basic search, changing visualizations, saving answers, drilling, filtering, and using ThoughtSpot Mobile to analyze data from their mobile devices.

Topics Covered

  • Search & SearchIQ
  • Answers & Pinboards
  • Custom Visualizations
  • Filters & Drilling
  • ThoughtSpot Mobile

ThoughtSpot Advanced End User


Go beyond the basics of the end user features covered in the ThoughtSpot End User Essentials course to discover the advanced analytic capabilities of the platform. During this hands-on, interactive course you will dive deeper into Pinboard creation, formatting your results, and using SpotIQ to find answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask of your data. Do more advanced searches using ThoughtSpot Keywords and create your own custom attributes and measures using formulas to take your analyses to the next level.

Topics Covered

  • Answer & Pinboard Creation
  • Using SpotIQ
  • Advanced Searches
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Creating Formulas
  • Uploading User Data

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Data Expert Training Day

ThoughtSpot Data Loading


This course focuses on the main technical topics and best practices around loading data into ThoughtSpot. The class begins with discussions around working with your data in preparation for loading and key data modeling concepts. Through interactive lecture and specially designed training environments, you will then get hands-on practice creating a schema, loading a dataset into ThoughtSpot, and validating the load. The course concludes with a lesson on creating Snapshots and Backups of your environment and working with Embrace.

Topics Covered

  • Preparing Data for Loading
  • Creating the Schema
  • Loading the Data
  • Embrace

ThoughtSpot Making Data Searchable


Modeling and optimizing the loaded data for the ThoughtSpot search experience will be covered in detail in this course. Beginning with topics on data management in ThoughtSpot, the class quickly moves into hands-on lecture around Worksheet design. Advanced topics include formula creation, using views, and making use of row level security to ensure ThoughtSpot users only see the data they have permission to.

Topics Covered

  • Exploring Data Management
  • Creating Worksheets
  • Creating Formulas & Views
  • Row Level Security
  • Managing Experts
  • Custom Calendars

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ThoughtSpot Technical Bootcamp


ThoughtSpot Technical Bootcamp assumes no prior knowledge of ThoughtSpot, but familiarity with database & business intelligence concepts is helpful. The bootcamp includes live instruction, hands-on experience, & realistic lab exercises that expose students to common scenarios they will encounter in the field. To earn a bootcamp completion, students must attend all sessions & complete all labs. Originally designed to onboard new ThoughtSpot employees, this rigorous program was expanded in 2019 to ThoughtSpot Partners & later opened up to customers, by popular demand.

Topics Covered

  • End User Essentials & Advanced End User Courses
  • Data Loading & Making Data Searchable Courses
  • Thoughtspot Architecture
  • Data Modeling & Worksheet Design Best Practices
  • Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • Performance
  • Embedding ThoughtSpot Overview

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