Why data teams
choose ThoughtSpot
over Tableau

Tap into the true value of your data—empower every user to answer their business questions by serving AI-powered insights in a familiar search interface.

Loved by innovative, fast-growing companies

What makes ThoughtSpot
better than Tableau?

ThoughtSpot Tableau
Purpose-built for Search for non-technical users
AI-guided analytics experience with Drill Anywhere for free-form data exploration
Fast access to granular and live data without requiring data aggregation
Automated discovery of outliers, anomalies, change drivers, trends, and correlations with SpotIQ
Speed and scale on complex data models
Embed AI-powered analytics experiences with developer-friendly analytics SDK
Tight integrations with tools across the modern data stack to maximize your cloud investments
Overly complicated modeling language
Requires technical experts to use

Go beyond static dashboards
with AI-Powered Analytics

Free analyst time with search-based, AI-powered analytics

Within minutes, non-technical users leveraging our intuitive search interface can ask and answer natural language questions for themselves. Aside from increased adoption, users see 95% faster decision-making for business users and a 70% reduction in ad hoc report creation for data teams.

Get the full view of your business, in one cohesive platform

Using machine learning and generative AI, ThoughtSpot SpotIQ automatically uncovers meaningful drivers behind KPI changes. Within seconds, business users can effortlessly turn personalized, actionable insights into Liveboards and reports—saving analysts time.

Liveboards—because static dashboards don’t cut it

Go from high-level analytics to granular insights on billions of rows of data. With Liveboards you gain the ability to endlessly drill down into your data–no pre-defined drill paths or data aggregation required.

Why do innovative companies choose
ThoughtSpot over Tableau?

Tableau is so much more complex. In my experience, two to three percent of users become self-sufficient with that solution. ThoughtSpot can be used by anyone from C-level to intern and we are seeing an incredible retention rate. Leon Tang VP of Analytics
We had 160 Tableau dashboards, but were using 4. Only 20% of the business was using Tableau. With ThoughtSpot, we’ve built 4 core Liveboards, that then empowered 80% of our business to query their own data and make better decisions. Luke Treglown Senior Manager of Data Science
From 650 removed reports, 118 were Tableau dashboards that once deleted, no one actually spoke a word about or missed them at all. Ivan Dennis Senior Manager of Business Intelligence