The Data Chief | Episode 89

How to Create a Data and AI Literate Company with Bridgestone and The Data Lodge

Valerie Logan

CEO & Founder of The Data Lodge and Chief Strategy Officer

Data Society Group

Jason Beyer

Vice President, Data & Analytics

Bridgestone Americas

Current EpisodeEP89: How to Create a Data and AI Literate Company with Bridgestone and The Data Lodge

Episode Overview

In this episode, Cindi Howson is joined by Valerie A. Logan, CEO and founder of the DataLodge, and Jason Beyer, Vice President of Data and Analytics at Bridgestone Americas. They delve into the vital concepts of data literacy and AI literacy, sharing their insights and experiences in fostering a data-driven culture within organizations. Valerie, widely regarded as the "godmother of data literacy," sheds light on the three key pillars of her approach: mindset, language, and skills. Jason provides a behind-the-scenes look at how Bridgestone is cultivating data literacy, including partnerships with HR, creating a data marketplace, and fostering a community of data enthusiasts.

Key Moments:

  • Valerie Logan explains the three pillars of data literacy: mindset, language, and skills
  • Jason Beyer shares Bridgestone's approach to scaling data literacy, including partnering with HR and creating a data marketplace
  • Valerie highlights the importance of leadership in modeling the right mindset for data literacy
  • Cindi, Valerie, and Jason discuss the evolution of data literacy to AI literacy
  • Lightning round with fun questions for Valerie and Jason



Valerie A. Logan

Founding The Data Lodge in 2019, Valerie is as committed to data literacy as it gets. With train-the-trainer bootcamps, and a peer community, she’s certifying the world’s first Data Literacy Program Leads. In 2023, The Data Lodge was acquired as the basis of a newly formed venture, Data Society Group (DSG), aimed at fostering data and AI literacy and cultural change at scale. Valerie is excited to also serve as the Chief Strategy Officer of DSG. Previously, Valerie was a Gartner Research VP in the CDO team where she pioneered the Data Literacy research and was awarded Gartner’s Top Thought Leadership Award (2018). Valerie has more than 30 years of experience in consulting leadership and telecommunications. Valerie holds a B.S. in Math (SUNY College, Buffalo) and an M.S. in Applied Math (New Mexico State). She lives between the Adirondacks in Upstate NY, and Sarasota, FL with her husband Brian, and their yellow lab, Cooper, the Lodge mascot.

Jason Beyer

A Data, Analytics, & Technology pioneer with a proven ability to lead transformational change through highly complex programs across diverse teams. Jason brings global experiences from automotive, retail, industrial manufacturing, construction, medical, and government industries to fuel competitive differentiation through trusted data and profit generating analytic solutions. He has a proven ability to deliver results at an Executive level across all domains of information technology. Jason believes what’s good for society is good for business. His passion is to make a positive impact for the organization where he works, the people he works with, and the community where he lives. Jason serves on multiple boards for his community of Nashville, and for the data industry.