The Data Chief | Episode 73

How data is transforming commercial real estate at JLL

Yao Morin



Current EpisodeEP73: How data is transforming commercial real estate at JLL

Episode Overview

It’s one thing for a company to invest in new technology. It’s another for a company to become invested in technology. In this episode, Yao Morin, CTO of JLL explains how she isn’t just adding data to the company workflow, but is instead fostering a culture of innovation and data-driven mindsets across the 240-year-old company through education, and by demonstrating data’s business value across departments.

Key Moments: 

  •  Yao’s rapid rise at JLL [4:01]
  •  Energy efficiency data in commercial real estate [13:26]
  •  Fostering creativity and imagination in data teams [16:29]
  •  Better understanding of B2B customer pain points [21:24]
  •  Yao’s approach to startup investment [23:45]
  •  Generative AI and the data and analytics workflow [28:58]
  •  How generative AI will make it easier to use unstructured data in multiple languages [29:54]
  •  Delegating to better manage large data teams [32:27]
  •  The underrepresentation of women in data and tech leadership roles [36:02]

Key Quotes:

“What I have found really helpful to spark that imagination is to show examples of what we can do and show metrics and help them to understand the impact of data and technology that could happen in their business.”

“So it's actually really crucial to partner with the team, the business people on the ground that like think about those problems day in and day out. They might not have a technology background, but they surely have a lot of good ideas and understand our clients very well. ”

“AI is going to really break down that barrier of leveraging unstructured data in multiple languages. I'm very, very excited to see what kind of breakthrough we can have in this area.”



A technical executive in the fields of application engineering, platform engineering, data engineering, data platform, ML platform, data science, data analytics, machine learning, and BI reporting. Has designed and championed multiple platform modernization and data migration journeys and data-driven transformations, and is an expert at building modern data-driven product development organizations and cultures in Fortune 500 companies from the ground up.

Currently leading JLL’s Data Strategy. With a team of 700+, developing and implementing enterprise data solutions, and advanced analytics; creating new, state of the art data products; leveraging data science and machine learning to discover new business opportunities; bringing new, innovative technology within JLL and to the commercial real estate industry.