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Limitlessly search all of your cloud data for actionable insights with the only self-service Live Analytics platform built for everyone, from technical data analysts to frontline business users.

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Search and AI-powered analytics for your modern data stack
Self-service for non-technical business users
3X the adoption of other BI tools
Speed and scale on complex data models
World-class, highly motivated customer support team
Tight integrations with tools across the modern data stack to maximize
your cloud investments
Overly complicated modeling language
Requires technical experts to use

Loved by startups, trusted by enterprises

Create personalized, actionable insights at the speed of thought

Instantly analyze billions of rows of cloud data using natural language query so you can make data-driven decisions in the moment. Know the answer is already out there? You can also search the entirety of existing content created by users across your organization with Search Answers.

Create stickier user experiences with ThoughtSpot Everywhere

Embed engaging Live Analytics experiences into any app, portal, or product with ThoughtSpot Everywhere’s developer-friendly platform. Get to market faster with out-of-the-box analytics services, robust APIs, and an easy-to-use modeling language.

Deliver 289% ROI
with analytics from ThoughtSpot

The Total Economic Impact™ of ThoughtSpot study conducted by Forrester Consulting demonstrates $6.3M in value created, increased data team productivity, and 95% faster decision making for business users with the Modern Analytics Cloud from ThoughtSpot.

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Keep a finger on the pulse of your business with Liveboards

Visualize your most important business metrics in real-time with interactive Liveboards that allow you to drill down, filter, add measures, and present on the fly to shape a compelling data story.

Automatically surface insights with SpotIQ

Uncover anomalies, identify leading indicators, and isolate trends all in a single click with SpotIQ’s AI-powered algorithms that gets smarter every time you use them.

Turn insights into action at scale

Push data from ThoughtSpot to your favorite business apps to operationalize insights in the context of your work.

Compared to Looker's standard approach of giving us the software, letting us play, and answering our questions, ThoughtSpot really flooded us with attention, follow-ups, and specific deep dives instead of just a two-line answer. And the test run with the business users was just a whole other experience. We absolutely loved engaging with you!

Connect to your cloud data warehouse in minutes

ThoughtSpot connects directly to your cloud data platform so you can start creating insights from day one. No data movement or transformation required.