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Escape from Powerpoint: Make Live Data analysis powerpoint Presentations | ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot’s search-driven BI solution makes it incredibly easy to ask questions about your data and get insights. These insights are presented together as visualizations on a pinboard  - a Pinterest-style dashboard. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.00.56 PM.png

Often times, the content in pinboards need to be presented to others. For example, a sales manager may present analyses related to the company’s sales activities to the executive team. Many BI tools simply export charts/tables as static images and import them into a presentation software such as PowerPoint.

ThoughtSpot has designed presentation capabilities within the product itself. You can put any  pinboard into “presentation mode.” In presentation mode, each visualization displays as a single “slide” of a presentation. See image below that illustrates a pinboard’s presentation mode.

The ability to present an analysis without the need for YAT (yet another tool) is valuable. ThoughtSpot made it even better. First, the presentation is live and not static i.e. the data in a  visualization is always the latest data. Second, the presentation can be edited live. During the course of a presentation, if a particular visualization’s underlying question needs to be changed, it can be done right there inline by editing the question. This makes the presentations interactive, dynamic, and a lot more impactful.

Don’t just present. Illustrate, impact, and answer live in your next meeting using ThoughtSpot.