Is Your Company Missing the Latest in Business Intelligence Solutions?

Developing an awareness of how your company stacks up against others in your industry is how organizations set healthy benchmarks and maintain their competitive edge. That’s why it’s important to assess whether your company is missing the latest in business intelligence solutions.

If you’re running outdated business intelligence software, you’re letting revenue-driving insights slip through the cracks. Clunky BI and data analytics also bog down departments with lag time, per-user licensing fees and room for miscommunication.

Here are five signs your company should seriously consider upgrading your BI reporting tools.

A report takes hours, days or weeks to compile

When time is money, you want insights in seconds and reports in minutes, tops. If it still takes hours, days or weeks to compile a report or confirm a stat using your legacy BI equipment, it’s time to streamline.

Only a centralized data team has access to your BI software

Does a separate team of data scientists or IT professionals stand between your data and everyone else? Is your data so heavily siloed that employees don’t even bother crunching the numbers unless it’s for a major report? Accessibility is key.

Now, anyone can be their own business intelligence specialist. Using ThoughtSpot, end users have direct access to BI tools like the Relational Search Engine and SpotIQ AI Engine. Our platform returns insights in natural language narratives and interactive data visualization models—so key decision-makers have access to speedy, solid data at a glance.

End users can also share BI dashboards and reports with others by embedding them into company workflows and business applications. This helps everyone stay current on valuable company information—like revenue, performance, customer churn and more.

You lack access to search-driven and automated insights

Some insights you specifically seek; some lay hidden in your data warehouse. Having the power of relational search and automated insights means your company can uncover both.

Your BI tools worked better when you were smaller

Be honest: Have you outgrown your BI solution? Upgrading to a scalable platform means everyone has access to business intelligence, even if your company is growing rapidly to meet demand.

Your data security controls are too broad or narrow

Cybersecurity is a hot-button issue. Centralized, enterprise-grade security makes it easy to assign accessibility permissions down to the row while also keeping an eye on the big picture.

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