Advancements in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

If you’ve been paying any attention to business analytics and business intelligence lately, you know how many advancements there have been in the last year alone. And if you haven’t, we’ll catch you up right here. Basically, the best BI tools are now the ones that utilize advanced computing  to return lightning-fast insights, reports and dashboards to anyone who enters a query—not just data scientists or the executive team.

That’s right! Modern data analysis tools have made many traditional, slow, linear data pipeline  models a thing of the past. For example, the previous hierarchy in which employees had to outsource data requests to specialists and wait days or weeks for results to return has given way to a workflow allowing employees and partners alike to access the data they need in seconds flat.

ThoughtSpot’s data-driven analytics platform utilizes a Relational Search Engine that uses  search queries to interface with data and returns reports, dashboards and intuitive data visualization models based on a company’s structured data. Sometimes searchers need a little guidance as they make their request, which is why the engine offers search suggestions throughout the process, such like the suggestions you receive in Google’s search bar. Users can then embed results across various sources and platforms to share—no lengthy email chains necessary.

The best BI software fosters a partnership between humans and machines. Using SpotIQ, users receive artificial-intelligence driven insights based on vast quantities of data. What a human could easily miss, or not have enough time in the day to tackle, algorithms can isolate in seconds. Machine learning depends on quality feedback from humans, so employees oversee the process and actually refine it over time. Although artificial intelligence discovers these insights, they’re “translated” to humans in clear, understandable natural language narratives—and even delivered on-the-go via handy push notifications.

Above all, modern business analytics and business intelligence are trending toward accessibility, speed and simplicity. To learn more, watch ThoughtSpot in action.

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