4 Creative Uses for Business Intelligence Analytics

Structured data is only as good as the underlying BI and analytics architecture a company has in place. Otherwise useful insights will stay hidden within billions of rows of data from multiple sources forever! The ability to pull search-driven and automated insights from amassed data is key—as is bringing it to life with visualization tools and analytics dashboards.

Are you ready to think outside the box when it comes to business intelligence analytics? Here are four creative uses for your BI and analytics software. 

Analyzing customer challenges to reduce turnover
Customers have arguably the biggest direct impact on your bottom line. The speedier your customer analytics, the sooner you can optimize your customer service, and more importantly, retention, strategy. ThoughtSpot allows end users across departments and locations to engage in instant, guided searches through company data. The Relational Search Engine makes it easy to conduct ad hoc queries pertaining to customer churn, service and complaints.

Examining the effectiveness of hiring practices
Employee turnover costs companies a pretty penny. It also puts a dent in company culture. Likewise, understaffing is the quickest route to employee burnout and dissatisfaction. Hiring and promoting the right people at a sustainable rate is a delicate balancing act for human resources specialists and managers.

Enter: HR and strategy analytics. Using ThoughtSpot, hiring managers across teams can dig deep into data to retrieve internal statistics, trends and ROI instantly. Executives and HR directors can use the same technology to get a broad overview of employee turnover rates, starting salaries, workloads and more.

Producing interactive visualizations on the fly
Some people are visual learners. Others operate by the adage, “You have to see it to believe it.” With interactive data visualization tools, end users can show their work in the best way. After all, it’s much easier to absorb a graph, chart or map at a glance than it is to look at a spreadsheet report. In the past, end users relied on BI or analytics teams to manually make these models. This process took weeks. With ThoughtSpot, visuals and models are created instantly, so you can share findings right away.

Sharing data-driven insights with external partners
Sure, knowing your employees have access to advanced BI software is important. But what about when end users want to share their findings outside the company’s walls? Embedded analytics dashboards, charts and tools in shared apps and portals allows for quick communication—both inside and outside your organization.

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