Sterling Backcheck Reduces BI Backlog by 60%

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Sterling Backcheck is the largest background check provider, conducting 70 million screenings per year for their 30,000 customers. This Fortune 100 company has grown rapidly in recent years, with over 2,000 employees worldwide.

Disparate Systems, Long Waits for Reports

Account managers were struggling to analyze customer info, product usage, and other 3rd party data. They had to pull information from multiple systems, and their legacy BI tools required advanced SQL skills. This meant they depended on an understaffed IT team to produce reports for them. And as the organization scaled, the limited IT team became a bottleneck for business users who needed reports.


We do 10 million background checks a year. Traditional reporting just didn't cut it.

Taylor Culver, AVP Data Strategy & Products

Access to Information at Scale

With ThoughtSpot, managers on the sales and marketing teams are now able to join disparate data systems, tie OPAC reports to top retailer background reports, and build use cases around the outliers. They’re accomplishing this without relying on technical IT staff or lengthy training sessions. 

Access to information at scale is no longer a roadblock. Sterling employees are searching across terabytes of peer reference data instantly. Data analysts are monitoring usage, data quality, and KPIs to enable new users and drive adoption across the company. Product managers are analyzing product activity by customer to identify outliers, perform root-cause analysis and provide proactive customer service. Account managers are analyzing customer activity by product to drill down to the individual customer level to identify critical details about each customer account.


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