The Power of Embedded Analytics in Business Ecosystems

One of the primary advantages of business intelligence in today’s workplace is that it’s faster than ever. With access to search-driven analytics, business people can query company data and create reports in seconds. But what about sharing relevant insights across their business ecosystem? After all, business intelligence is only useful if it makes its way to the right people.

With embedded analytics from ThoughtSpot, users can embed insights directly into their favorite business analytics applications and portals. Here are four ways to embed:

  • Add the Relational Search Engine right into shared portals, allowing other users to conduct their own queries.

  • Embed custom charts into your most-used apps.

  • Provide an in-depth look at analytics by inserting entire dashboards.

  • Build your own analytics portal for comprehensive BI on demand.

BI for Extended Ecosystems

What about using this dashboarding software outside your organization’s four walls? ThoughtSpot provides search-driven analytics to employees, customers and partners so it’s simple for everyone to stay on the same page. There’s no pesky per-user licensing, either. There’s also no need for time- and budget-consuming training; the tools are intuitive on the front end.

Embedded BI Saves Time and Effort

End users no longer have to worry about manually formatting reports before embedding them into workflows. The Relational Search Engine automatically produces best-fit visuals to match queries, eliminating the need to allot time to chart creation. From there, embedding is simple.

The end result is quick, accurate communication of data insights—inside and outside of a company. The people who benefit most from seeing business intelligence do, and they use their findings to make revenue-driving decisions. Meanwhile, centralized governance means leaders can permit and restrict access to certain data for enhanced cybersecurity.

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