Demystify Financial Analytics with ThoughtSpot

In a pragmatic sense, money structures our world and financial transactions help communicate it. From daily purchases with debit and credit cards to loans, mortgages and bank account transactions, the finance world moves at a baffling speed.

These transactions generate tons of data. Financial firms collect this data. More often than not though, the breadth of what’s collected and the rate at which it accumulates makes the prospect of extracting value arduous.

Modern financial analytics solutions are starting to change that: introducing ThoughtSpot, a revolutionary financial business intelligence platform.

Accessible, Search-Friendly Interface

Historically, if a financial firm wanted to leverage the troves of data they were collecting, they’d have to invest significant resources into data professionals and a legacy system. Through these solutions, insights were restrictive, time-consuming and mostly inaccessible to the firm as a whole.

Using ThoughtSpot, a user might find that their question auto-populates before they even get done typing. When answers relate to more than the user searching, team members can share with colleagues for further collaboration. Users can pin findings to a specific board to develop a long-term narrative, or get push-based insights to stay in the loop as discoveries become available.

Facilitates Real-Time Knowledge

ThoughtSpot’s guided search experience empowers employees to think more critically in their day-to-day roles, and as a result, improves their performance and morale. With AI-driven financial data analysis, when an employee needs to make a decision, they don’t have to rely on hunches or put a report request in; all they have to do is search and learn.

The more a firm uses ThoughtSpot, the more ThoughtSpot learns about what’s relevant to users and the organization, making the system smarter for everyone.

Finds Hidden Answers in Data

No matter how skilled a data team or well-structured a data foundation is, humans are imperfect; they’ll miss details. Enter ThoughtSpot’s financial business intelligence sophistication.

ThoughtSpot goes beyond what users search and find, by:

  • Identifying consistencies through complex datasets to isolate key trends

  • Segmenting groups of data for similarities and differences

  • Detecting anomalies that deserve attention

  • Highlighting important relationships between business drivers and outcomes

ThoughtSpot does this on its own, adding an invaluable layer to an already stacked financial analytics suite.

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