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Connect to Snowflake

Connect to Snowflake in a few clicks

ThoughtSpot Embrace allows you to connect directly to all your Snowflake data so you can be up and searching in minutes

Live, in-database query

in-database query

Give everyone in your organization the ability to get the most up to date answers with search & AI

Cloud Analytics

Cloud analytics at the speed of thought

Eliminate the need to move and cache data by running queries directly in Snowflake’s built-for-the-cloud data warehouse.

ThoughtSpot + Snowflake QuickStart Solutions

Get started with these core use cases

Customer 360

Help marketers and sales teams fully understand the complete customer journey to improve customer acquisition and retention.


Scale to massive volumes of spend, supply chain, and logistics data in your cloud-data warehouse so you can maximize the buying power of every dollar.


Uncover deeper insights, drive innovation, and create new untapped opportunities from IOT analytics in Snowflake.

Start Searching all your Snowflake Data in Seconds

Why ThoughtSpot?

Now anyone can find insights hidden in their company data in seconds. Use search to analyze your data and get automated insights when you need them.


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