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Turn insights into action with ThoughtSpot’s latest release. Send data to the applications you leverage the most with ThoughtSpot Sync, organize Liveboards into tabs, and receive KPI alerts with SpotIQ Monitor.

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5 Data and Analytics KPIs Every Executive Should Track

Business leaders need to start managing data as an asset. This starts with measuring the right key performance indicators. Get started today by downloading the top five data and analytics KPIs every executive should be tracking.

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Meet the new Data Workspace. Your analytics mission control center

Get an in-depth look at the brand new data workspace. Whether you're modeling data using SQL, integrating your dbt models, or launching new analytic use cases with ThoughtSpot Blocks and TML, we’ve got a chock full of goodies that will fundamentally change the way you work with data.

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The product manager’s guide to embedding analytics users love

Learn what users want when it comes to analytics in your product or app, best practices to treat data as the new UX, and how this helps companies dominate the decade of data.

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How to build products that disrupt, delight, and dominate

The competition's getting ever fiercer - will your product stand the test of time?Join this fireside chat to find out how leaders from GitLab, Elastic, and Google with exceptional products have succeeded in a saturated market, sharing their expertise on what it takes to win.

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Show us the money: Measuring the business value of the modern data stack

An inside look into how businesses are realizing ROI with the modern data stack. Learn the quantifiable benefits of the modern data stack, the common mistakes made, the change management needed and lessons learned from early adopters.

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