No matter what industry you work in, speed is an advantage. Employees’ ability to make informed decisions quickly and confidently is what gives companies the competitive edge today.

No doubt your organization is sitting on massive amounts of data. This is a good start—but how you leverage that data is what ultimately affects your business outcomes. And how quickly and effortlessly you can do so depends on the data analytics tools you’re using.

Search-driven analytics from ThoughtSpot gives users instant answers to ad hoc questions, returning insights as automatic data visualizations. Long story short: This means less time wading through data to find answers and less time manually creating charts and graphs to illustrate these insights.

Examples of Data Visualization Models

There are many ways to visualize data. The best chart type depends on the nature of your query: column, bar, line, pie, scatter, bubble, funnel, heatmap, etc.

ThoughtSpot data analytics tools return the best-fit data visualization model automatically, but users can adjust the axes, labels and chart types as desired.

Benefits of Augmenting Data Visualization with AI

Artificial intelligence-driven data analytics goes hand in hand with automatic visualizations to produce fast, clear insights for all users. Here are a few of the primary benefits of harnessing AI and data visualization tools from ThoughtSpot:

Learn What Better Data Analytics Can Do

Organizations of all kinds are using ThoughtSpot to get faster, clearer insights—including Fortune 500 banks, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, retailers, financial advisors, high-tech businesses and more.

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