Businesses like yours use data analytics to turn massive stores of data into practical insights. But without the right data visualization software, these insights are just numbers on a screen. That’s why the latest business intelligence from ThoughtSpot intuitively combines data analytics and visualization into one smooth process.

Here’s one example: As users enter their search query into the Relational Search Engine, a best-fit chart instantly appears. This innovative approach to search-driven analytics visualization saves everyone time. How? First of all, end users no longer have to create their own graphs, charts and maps by hand. Sharing these interactive data visualization models is also simple—end users can embed custom charts and dashboards into their favorite business applications.

The Spot IQ AI Engine accomplishes analyses that would take a team of human analysts hours… in just seconds. Advanced algorithms dive deep into data to uncover hidden insights. But teams save time and effort here, too, because insights come back in the form of natural language narratives and clear-cut data visualization models.

Harnessing the power of these modern data analytics tools means your company can:

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