Primary Capital Mortgage Saves Sales 600 hrs a Month

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SQL, ADP, Excel

Financial Services
Sales, Marketing, Loan Servicing
Data Sources:
SQL, ADP, Excel

Primary Capital Mortgage (PCM) is a residential mortgage lender offering home loans across the United States. The company’s mission is to deliver an outstanding client experience while building the most innovative, respected, and operationally efficient mortgage servicer in America.

Unlocking Holistic Insights

At PCM, account executives manage 60-120 new loans per month—generating a lot of data about their mortgage business. Getting visibility into the status of those loans at the individual account executive level all the way up to the leadership team is critical to the success of the company. 

Unfortunately, all this data was stored in a legacy data warehouse that could only be accessed by their technical IT team. As a result, PCM’s account executives each had to spend 2-3 hours a day just to get daily updates on the status of the outstanding mortgages they manage. Additionally, they lacked a holistic view of each customer, and were missing out on opportunities to acquire new customers and position additional products and services to existing ones. Even doing something as simple as reporting on daily KPIs for the CEO was a challenge. 

From 600 Hours to Instant Results

Primary Capital Mortgage is using ThoughtSpot to give their account executives direct access to search and build reports and charts across their mortgage servicing data in seconds. Now an account executive can get up-to-date information about a customer’s outstanding mortgage details and see a complete 360 degree view of a customer’s product portfolio. Even better, they can drill down into the underlying data to uncover opportunities to cross-sell and upsell to a partner, or to identify trends and show service metrics to earn new business with new partners.


ThoughtSpot saves our sales teams 600 hours a month.

Walt Carter, CIO

With ThoughtSpot connected directly to the data warehouse, PCM has reduced the amount of time its account executives spend tracking loan status from 1-2 hours down to 2-5 minutes each day. That is close to 600 hours saved per month for the sales team, valuable time that the reps can now spend selling.

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