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Limitlessly search all of your
cloud data for actionable insights
with the only self-service
Live Analytics platform built for
the modern data stack.

Why ThoughtSpot?

Now anyone can find insights hidden in their company data in seconds. Use search to analyze your data and get automated insights when you need them.



True self-service
for everyone



AI-driven insights
so you know sooner



Deploy as SaaS or software
in your virtual private cloud

Why Everyone Loves ThoughtSpot?

ThoughtSpot lets anyone ask any questions, find insights, and drill infinitely into their company data in seconds.


Instant Insights for all.

Stop waiting for custom reports from data experts and instantly answer ad-hoc data questions on the fly.

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Bye-bye backlog.

Empower non-technical people to answer their own data questions, while you build a single source of truth with security and governance at scale.

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Unleash the value of your cloud data.

Maximize the value of your cloud data warehouse and accelerate speed-to-insight for everyone across your business.

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The power of 1,000 analysts in your hand.

SpotIQ AI-Driven Insights

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ThoughtSpot in Action

Democratize access to insights in minutes and transform the way your company uses data.

5 Steps to Deploy
Analytics 5x Faster


How to Connect and
Prepare Data for Search


Embedded Analytics


The most successful companies use ThoughtSpot.

See how the most innovative organizations use ThoughtSpot to get more value from their data.

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"I have never seen any analytics solution deliver the ease of use, the depth of insights, and the speed at massive scale that ThoughtSpot delivers."



Stay ahead of the most important trends in analytics.

The age of GenAI: Industry leading products are built on AI-Powered Analytics

Not all AI products live up to the hype—how can you spot the difference? Hear expert advice from MDAudit’s SVP of Product Management.

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Semantic layers as the data interface for LLMs

Join, dbt Labs, and ThoughtSpot for a live discussion on semantic layers as the data interface for LLMs.

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ThoughSpot Insights Hour

Join our community enablement sessions designed to onboard and engage our global users. Join us on the last Thursday of each month for these virtual office hours, where we'll delve into the latest features and capabilities of ThoughtSpot.

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Data and analytics trends for 2024

The world of data and analytics is evolving faster than ever before. As we head into 2024, were asking ourselves, what’s next in AI beyond Gen AI? How do data teams stay ahead of the rapid development of AI and get on the bandwagon? 

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Dev, design, and…data? Why data deserves a seat on your 2024 product roadmap

Join Sonny Rivera to learn tips on effective roadmap planning, how to evaluate your team.

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The Great Collab: Business teams and data teams, better together

Get the candid feedback on how to collaborate, design the perfect interaction paradigm, and the hot takes from respected industry data leaders on October 10.

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