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Empower everyone in the HR organization with in the moment workforce insights down to the employee level to maintain productivity and ensure employee safety.

Why Now?

  • Realign budgets to focus on what is necessary for the business
  • Assess the impact of revenue decline, reduced liquidity, and constrained capital resources
  • Identify uncertainties and stress-test to revise financials as needed

Use Cases

  • Resource Planning & Allocation
  • Remote Workforce Efficiency
  • Staffing Repatriation
  • Employee Retention

Protecting worker safety
and prioritizing projects in days

Project managers, planners, and construction managers with a major Telecom manufacturer must travel to ensure new cell towers are deployed for their customers, but were concerned about the health and logistical risks during the ongoing pandemic. They used ThoughtSpot to share data insights with these groups as well as their internal Health & Safety team about the impacts of the virus. Seeing data-driven facts highlighted regions that are currently more or less safe for travel, helping prioritize workloads, precautions, and employee travel.

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