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Give everyone instant access to Sales, Inventory, Financial and other data needed to answer urgent financial planning questions.

Why Now?

  • Realign budgets to focus on what is necessary for the business
  • Assess the impact of revenue decline, reduced liquidity, and constrained capital resources
  • Identify uncertainties and stress-test to revise financials as needed

Use Cases

  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Procurement - Indirect Spend Working Capital
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Sales Management & Operations

Managing Accounts Receivable Amid
Volatility with Data-Driven Insights

Managing working capital via billing is the top priority for this major Accounting Firm. They use ThoughtSpot to get granular insights into delays in billing or time to payment, customers taking advantage of discounts, at risk sectors and accounts, customers up for renewal, and more. ThoughtSpot helps them identify where issues and trends are in order to resolve them. Ultimately, this empowers them to shorten the average time from invoice to collections.

ThoughtSpot for Working Capital Analytics –
Accounts Receivable

Webinar: ThoughtSpot for Working
Capital Management

Manage Volatility with
Faster Speed to Insight

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