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Quickly plan and execute on IT Operations to maintain productivity levels, ensure essential employees are always-connected and adapt to fluctuating bandwidth needs.

Why Now?

  • Optimize for productivity of the most crucial business functions
  • Assess the financial impact of operational disruptions, and the tools needed to operate in a crisis
  • Rapidly adapt to and address infrastructure needs and issues

Use Cases

  • Systems Availability and Performance
  • Remote Productivity Tracking Global IT Support
  • Resource Planning & Allocation

Building a dashboard for
COVID response in 2 days

A major international bank created a comprehensive business continuity plan using ThoughtSpot within 2 days which provided insights into employee access to internal systems and assessed which bank functions can be managed remotely based on criticality, line of business, and license availability.

Moving forward, they can now monitor the hourly network heartbeat of the remote workforce to determine actual productivity and to uncover blind spots. They can also track login times in the moment during business hours to allow the help desk to triage connectivity issues should one channel be maxed out.

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