Under The Hood

ThoughtSpot Analytical Search Appliance brings the ease of search to enterprise data analysis. It includes a new kind of search engine, tightly integrated with large-scale, in-memory computing. The result is a consumer-class user experience combined with enterprise-class scalability. All while maintaining enterprise data governance and manageability for IT.


Browser-based User Interface

  • A simple search bar for accessing and analyzing data with real-time interactivity.
  • Results, visualizations, and summaries appear instantly, as you type.
  • Pinboards for collecting and sharing data insights.
  • Built on HTML5, so it works on any modern browser.
  • Users can upload data directly from their desktop data sources, including spreadsheets, delimited text files, or CSV (comma separated values) files.

ThoughtSpot Analytical Search Engine

  • Ability to search and analyze enterprise data sources like data warehouses, other databases, cloud applications, Hadoop, and even spreadsheets.
  • Exploits existing relationships in the data to guide the search experience.
  • Makes relevant search suggestions while maintaining security.
  • Complexity of database schemas and queries is completely hidden from the user.

ThoughtSpot In-Memory Analytical Data Cache

  • In-memory, purpose-built, columnar data store for speedy computations on billions of data rows.
  • A massively parallel processing, scale-out architecture for speed and the ability to scale as your data grows.
  • Data can be cached into ThoughtSpot as a one-time load and refreshed through recurring incremental loads.
  • Data security using coarse grained (data sources, tables, pinboards, charts) or fine-grained (column and row-level) security rules.

ThoughtSpot Distributed Cluster Management

  • Custom-built cluster management framework that scales with the cluster size.
  • Enterprise-class fault tolerance for all software and hardware components.
  • Monitoring of the appliance health with automated alerts.
  • Single step upgrades and backups for easy administration.


Appliance Specifications

  • Ships as a 2U appliance for plug-and-play deployment and easy setup.
  • ThoughtSpot appliance is comprised of four dual socket Intel(R) Xeon (R) servers, which form a cluster.
  • Multiple appliances can be stacked to incrementally scale the cluster.
  • The appliance can communicate over 10G or 1G network link.
  • The appliance comes with 1TB of DRAM