Insure the Box Puts Auto Insurance in the Fast Lane

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Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Finance

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Data Warehouse, CRM, Transactional Systems, Website

Financial Services
Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Finance
Data Sources:
Data Warehouse, CRM, Transactional Systems, Website

Insure the Box is an auto insurance company that uses telematic devices for cars that track driver behavior. This allow them to offer premiums based on the driving profiles specific to actual drivers.

Disrupting An Industry

The CEO wanted his management team to base key business decisions on data rather than gut instinct. So he made it a priority to ensure everyone had instant visibility into their data. Unfortunately, it was difficult for frontline employees to get immediate answers. They needed to analyze data from different sources, and Tableau was too complicated for most business users to create their own reports, creating a massive reporting backlog for the BI team.

Driving Business with Data

With ThoughtSpot, business users in Marketing, Sales, and Finance now have instant visibility into sales, marketing, pricing and claims records. The pricing team, for example, is now able to analyze conversion rates by channel and quote to identify top performers and improve conversations.

Now managers across the organization can accurately measure how their programs are performing and quickly make data-driven decisions, instead of operating on gut instincts.


All of our employees are now analyzing data without help from experts.

Michael Brockman, Group CEO