Heightening Office Productivity Starts with Accessible Data

In a competitive digital economy, every company is trying to maximize productivity and take that next leap forward. For businesses to be successful, though, they need to ensure their data is made accessible to departments and teams across the organization.

After all, what’s the power of business analyst reports if they’re inefficient to produce and only understood by the data-inclined? What could accessible data mean for your office’s output?

Engaging Employees Again

Productivity-boosting or not, employee engagement is one of the most important aspects of running a business. If people aren’t engaged in their roles, performances will slide, and turnover will increase. But these are reactive problems. You can proactively solve this issue by giving employees the empowerment to find their own answers. When every curiosity needs to be accompanied to a report request that will take days or weeks, employees are less motivated to pursue and follow-through on initiatives.

By implementing a search-driven analytics platform that uses in-memory calculations to pull from a company’s entire data collection, employees become more autonomous, data-driven and diligent in their workflows.

Liberating Your Data Team

If you’re lucky enough to possess a team of data professionals, you ought to be using them for more higher-level needs that building reports. Given the in-demand market for data hires means this is an expensive way to use company resources. Deploying a business analyst data platform that connects to disparate data sources relieves the burden of short-term tasks on one of your most invested business areas. With tedious work in their past, they can help ensure that an organization’s data behavior is aligning with long-term goals.

Sharing Insights with Your Entire Business Network

The majority of businesses depend on outside entities to fuel specific areas of their operation. And while it’s easy to sit back and trust the expertise of these partners, why not give them visibility into your company’s analytics for improved collaboration? Embedded analytics makes it possible for your business ecosystem to access search-driven analytics through their own business apps and workflows. Build an API for a branded data portal or embed charts, dashboards and relational search capability directly into your partner’s workflow.

Business analyst reports don’t affect productivity when they’re stale and unclear. However, when business analyst reports can be generated and understood at the employee level through the use of a search-driven analytics tool, it means more minds focused on finding root issues and developing solutions. The same rings true for extending data access to partner companies. And likewise for data professionals being freed up to focus on the bigger challenges that naturally capture their interest.

The bottom line is if you want to heighten office productivity, start by making your data accessible. It’s easy with an enterprise tool like ThoughtSpot.

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