Why Greater Visibility into the Supply Chain Is a Good Thing

If there’s one thing that dictates the ongoing health and performance of any business that sells a product, it’s most certainly their supply chain. From meeting production quotas and keeping manufacturing equipment in good health to ensuring your fulfillment stays on time and your warehousing levels ready for the next season or holiday — supply chain management requires ongoing attention to “the little things.”

But the tricky thing about supply chain management is that not all issues are so glaring, or even, noticeable. Some warning signs aren’t apparent until there’s a full-blown problem.

Thankfully, AI-driven supply chain visualization from platforms like ThoughtSpot clarify the roadmap and protect your business’ bottom line.

Cost Control

On an annual basis, even the tiniest supply chain inefficiencies add up to significant expenses. For instance, every machine in your production line may be doing its job, but still operating slightly behind pace. Using ThoughtSpot, a production line supervisor can search for answers to questions like, “average wait time by machine” or “longest wait time by machine” for quick answers into current performance. If that same manager wanted to evaluate past machine performance, they could ask, “average wait time by machine in Q2 2018” or “longest average wait time by machine in 2018” to get a broader scope of performance.

Collaborative Supplier and Partner Relationships

No matter how much of your supply chain you want to bring in-house, you’ll likely need a few—if not several—entities to keep your supply chain running. Maintaining relationships with suppliers and partners is no easy or small task. Any good business relationship is built on ongoing, supportive, friendly communication.

However, the less in the dark the third parties are in the supply chain, the more that mutual efforts align. Embedded analytics integrate with supplier and partner workflows, tools and apps through custom branding and permission-access levels.

Heightened Risk Management

All is well and good when a supply chain is fluid, but your business could be in jeopardy the moment an issue occurs. If a machine breaks down, customer shipments could be delayed. If an unknown error occurs in the production process, defected shipments could be sent, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and hefty reverse logistics costs.

Supply chain analytics tools like ThoughtSpot give a 360-degree view of the supply chain. Receiving AI-powered insights in moments from an entire data archive makes every employee smarter, and organizations more fluid and efficient.

Data Visualizations Illuminate the Supply Chain

Arguably the best part about ThoughtSpot is not its ability to provide relevant answers to ad-hoc questions in seconds, but rather, the data visualizations that turn insights into actionable insights. ThoughtSpot displays its findings for every query through charts, graphs and tables for more intuitive takeaways. It also shows the data source of every answer to keep control and accountability in the user’s hands.

It’s about time you had a tool for greater supply chain visibility. Watch our manufacturing demo today to learn more about how ThoughtSpot’s data visualization and supply chain analysis software is a business game-changer.

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