Financial Analysis: The Speed You Need to Succeed

The global economy moves on a non-stop basis. Nearly every moment, a new development occurs somewhere that affects a business’ operations. But with most companies’ financial analysis methods limited to regular reporting intervals, looking to data for answers turns into a perpetual catch-up.

Consider that turnaround times for data report requests range from days to several weeks depending on the answer’s complexity. This not only delays an employee, team or department, but the lack of autonomy also hurts morale.

Companies need to keep pace with the speed of the business world. They need a financial analysis and analytics tool like ThoughtSpot.

Transparent, Ad-Hoc Answers via Engaging Visualizations

Businesses that collect and maintain data don’t often use it effectively, or, much at all. This is because pre-set data views, laborious cleansing on the part of the data team and one-time requests from within the organization derail data agility.

AI-powered financial analytics tools like ThoughtSpot use a relational search interface to allow any type of employee to search for answers in ordinary language. Though artificial intelligence and machine learning play a key role in how the SpotIQ engine works, humans always maintain control with each insight displaying the source. And to make for quicker takeaways, every insight is presented with easy-to-understand visualizations.

Pin Findings, Build Narratives, Collaborate on a Story

Because the world is continuously changing, so too is the data we collect. However, it’s essential to have an organized way to log the findings to important ad-hoc insights, because they’ll certainly add up.

ThoughtSpot allows users to pin answers to specific boards and share with other teams or departments. The next time a controversial decision surfaces, insight boards can clarify. For teams concerned with financial planning and analysis, boards can be a way to share reports to relevant employees easily.

Regardless of the specific industry your financial analytics involve, ThoughtSpot’s financial analysis and planning tools help you make better decisions at a faster rate, so you can surpass your peers.

See how ThoughtSpot works when you watch our finance demo today.

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