Data doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it’s only useful if it makes its way into the right hands in the right formats. Many companies find themselves struggling to make data accessible for the teams who need it most—either because it first has to funnel through a data research team (which can take days) or because they lack a centralized hub for displaying and sharing insights. 

Good news: New advances in social business intelligence aim to help businesses overcome these historical challenges by boosting data democratization. For example, advanced BI dashboard software from ThoughtSpot allows end users to manipulate, query, embed and share insights in the form of reports and dashboards. Centralized governance ensures everyone across an organization can view key metrics—but only people with permission can view and work with certain data sets, customizable even down to the row.

The result is a streamlined data-to-actionable insights pipeline. Whereas an older BI tool may require a team of data scientists and three days to build an analysis, ThoughtSpot’s BI reporting tools can tackle the same task in three minutes. That’s 900 times faster!

It all begins with search-driven analytics. If someone can type a query into Google, they’re ready to use our Relational Search engine. It even offers guided suggestions to speed up the process. Once a user inputs a search query, it only takes a few seconds for the engine to return the desired information in the form of a chart or graph. The data visualization models are already in their best-fit form, but users can change their appearance at any time.

Here’s where sharing and accessibility come in: Users can create and embed entire analytics dashboards into their workflows, applications and portals to get everyone on the same page.

The future of social business intelligence allows organizations of all shapes and sizes to monetize their data and share the results with people both inside and outside the company. Learn how your business can put these BI tools to work with a quick demo from ThoughtSpot.