What is a data warehouse? A data warehouse is a large cache of accumulated data from a swath of sources (e.g. marketing, sales, supply chain, etc.) which companies can use to guide management decisions. The information inside the warehouse is organized in such a way that it logically groups similar and redundant data.

Traditionally, this information had to be interpreted by a team of data scientists before it was made useful for business leaders. However, ThoughtSpot has flipped this process by allowing employees to search for answers and visualize data analytics using a simple entry field, rather than relying on data scientists.

This new approach to data analysis delivers actionable insights much quicker than traditional solutions and is so easy that anyone in your organization can use it without extensive training. Below are just a handful of benefits ThoughtSpot can afford your organization:

Not to mention that ThoughtSpot matches your Relational Search Engine results with an interactive data visualization model that is easy to customize and simple to embed or share.

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