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Introducing The Data Chief Podcast

We’ve spent decades collecting data and millions of dollars trying to extract business value from it. Yet the ugly truth remains: few organizations say they are truly data-driven. The ones that do are often led by a disruptor and visionary: the data chief. The data chief holds many job titles. In some organizations, they’re the Chief Data Officer. In others, the Chief Analytics Officers. Some Chief Executive Officers even fit the bill. 

Regardless of their title, they share the common belief that data can make everything better: revenue, products and services, customer satisfaction, supply chain logistics, and even society. 

The Data Chief is a new podcast for people who believe in the value of data, where disruptors who have found success with analytics share their personal stories and insights on culture, leadership, technology, the power and politics of unlocking the value of data. We’ve partnered with, who has brought you some of the highest-rated podcasts such as IT Visionaries, Mission Daily, and The Story to millions of listeners around the world. 

My job as your host is clear. I’m here to introduce you to some of the brightest data leaders from around the world. How did they land their latest role? Where did they start? What’s their biggest failure? What are they grateful for?These leaders will inspire you with their professional and personal journeys in data and analytics. You’ll learn their best practices on topics like culture, master data, cloud, ethics and more. I hope you will feel empowered to drive similar transformation at your organization today.

Subscribe to the podcast to get all the episodes, including new episodes we’re releasing every other week. Here’s a preview of what’s coming over the next few weeks: 

Episode 1: Introducing Your Host, Cindi Howson interviews me! How did I really get started in tech? How did ThoughtSpot’s co-founder convince me to go from industry analyst to tech company? What are the biggest challenges facing the data and analytics industry, and where can data leaders have the most impact? And why does diversity matter even more in an AI-driven world?

Episode 2: Stephen Harris, Chief Data Officer of VMWare

Stephen takes us through his 20-year journey in data, starting with how he used data to help investigate the NASA Space Shuttle Columbia accident investigation to leading the data organization at VMWare during an era of rapid, high-growth. Learn the surprising thing AI showed him and how he is educating the next-generation of data and analytics workers in university. 

Future episodes include:

  • Scott Peck, Senior Director of the Data & Analytics Center of Excellence at Pricewaterhouse Coopers 
  • Max Chan, CIO of Avnet and CIO of the Year
  • Grace Epperson, Chief Analytics Officer at 14 West, an Agora Company
  • Sully McConnel, CDO of The Hartford