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Why We Built Our New Informatica Connector

It’s Data Mania! Today we’re excited to announce that we were selected as a winner of Informatica’s Connect-a-Thon contest at the first ever Data Mania event in San Francisco.

ThoughtSpot’s search-based analytics technology is awesome for helping our customers get instant answers out of data from across their enterprise. So obviously, one of the keys to making them successful is connecting ThoughtSpot to all of their different data sources. With their user-friendly data integrator, Informatica is the perfect partner for this.

That’s why we jumped at the chance to work with Informatica to build our new ThoughtSpot Connector for the Informatica Cloud. We’re demoing it today for the first time ever at Data Mania and can’t wait for our customers to get their hands on it. It’s going to make getting data into ThoughtSpot easier than ever: easy to get data in, easy for anyone to analyze. A perfect match.

Unfortunately, the state of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions in 2015 is not as straightforward or user friendly as one would expect. Especially given the last two decades of advances in consumer technology, where getting your questions answered is a simple as going to Google’s search box and finding what you need in a few seconds.

In contrast, using today’s BI tools, building a report goes something like this:

  1. First, an ETL expert must build complex mappings in the back-end to bring the data into the system.
  2. But since the backend experts rarely work directly with the business, there might be a disconnect between the high-level requests from the business and the actual data mappings.
  3. Enter team member #3, an IT report writer. Once the data is uploaded, this writer must go back to the business user and ask for the specific type of report needed
  4. Three months later, the report arrives on the desk of the business team. This end result is often inadequate; it might be missing certain data points, recent questions might go unanswered, or other aspects of the business might have changed in the interim.
  5. Back to the drawing board.

Way too complex, right? There are two pieces of the puzzle that are unnecessarily circuitous:

  • Bottom half: Getting data into the system
  • Top half: Asking the right questions of that data

This is why we’ve teamed-up with Informatica. We’ve taken a philosophically similar approach to BI from two different ends of the spectrum. Informatica uses the term “Citizen Integrator” because the average business user can go in, import data, and mash it up with existing data without relying on IT. Our Relational Search Appliance then makes it just as simple for any business user to analyze the data. The mutual prioritization of user experience and iteration for both IT and the Business makes for a powerful analytics solution.

With the new ThoughtSpot Connector for Informatica Cloud, the whole flow of data upload and analysis is instantaneous. We’ve created space for an iterative process-- not only can you continually refine the type and amount of data loaded, but you can also the ask on-the-fly questions of the data.

Data loading for the average user. BI for everyone. Iterative and instantaneous. It’s a match made in heaven.


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