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A virtual analytics conference for data and
analytics leaders

How to build your business on data with
Live Analytics

Today's fast-moving digital world demands that your business know, see, and serve every customer as an individual. The key? Delivering live insights directly to everyone, everywhere, so they can take smarter business actions.

How to deliver instant, personalized, and interactive insights to every business user

Every day, your frontline employees are making decisions that impact the bottom line. Learn how you can empower them to be more data-driven with instant, personalized, and interactive insights delivered wherever they are.

From spreadsheet jockey to insights hero: The strategic role of data analysts in building a data-driven culture

Analysts and Data Engineers lay the foundation for building data-driven organizations. But in order to improve your business's products and processes at scale, they must empower everyone to be more insights-driven with self-service analytics.

Build more engaging apps with embedded live analytics

The best apps engage users to turn insights into actions. Instead of embedding another static dashboard, learn how ThoughtSpot Everywhere makes it easy to deliver compelling, flexible analytics experiences that keep users coming back for more.

Courage and the true legacy of modern business leaders

Revolutions are rarely popular. It's up to you to do what's right for your business and lead the charge anyway. Learn why courage is the true legacy of all great leaders and how you can make an impact even in the face of great uncertainty.

Databricks and ThoughtSpot partnership

As the modern data stack continues to evolve, learn how Databricks is empowering broad data teams to collaborate in the cloud and why data applications are becoming more important to enterprise success.

CDO secrets to unlocking the value of the modern data stack

Every business wants to reap the benefits of the modern data stack. Learn how innovative leaders are unlocking this potential by treating technology and culture change as two sides to the same coin.

Build analytics people will actually use with ThoughtSpot Everywhere

Apps are at the core of our personal and professional lives. Learn how the most savvy product leaders are leaning into analytics to win the hearts and minds of users.

ThoughtSpot for Developers: The essentials of the modern data app

Build better apps with ThoughtSpot Everywhere's low-code and developer-friendly suite of tools, libraries, and open APIs. Learn how to embed analytics to any application using JavaScript or your programming language of choice.

The rise of the Analytics Engineer

The emerging role of the analytics engineer is critical to driving business impact with analytics. Join thought leaders from dbt Labs, Seekwell, and Opendoor to learn more about some of the latest innovations in this space

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