Ad Hoc Analyses Help Businesses Save a Precious Resource: Time

As the popular saying goes, “Time is money.” And nowhere is this more apparent than in today’s fast-paced business climate. However, hasty conclusions that save time up front may actually cost your company more revenue down the line. It’s important to find a balance: An efficient way to work with data, derive accurate answers and use them in decision making.

Speedy Ad Hoc Analyses
A business person performing their own ad hoc analysis with ThoughtSpot will get results faster than one relying on a team of data analysts to hand back a completed business intelligence report. The latter could easily take weeks or months; the former takes seconds or minutes start-to-finish.

Search-Based Analytics
Even better, end users can keep querying using the Relational Search Engine as new questions arise. Prior BI applications—featuring siloed data access and IT gatekeepers—offered “no opportunity to drill down, customize, or do real-time analysis. There [was] no way to ask the ‘next question.’”

Intuitive Data Visualization
Ad hoc BI from ThoughtSpot also saves users the trouble of creating their own data visualizations by producing interactive charts on the spot. Every second an employee spends struggling with spreadsheet tables and graphing tools is time lost from using data insights. The best BI software eliminates the need for interpretation, chart-building and tweaking.

Fully Embeddable Analytics
But what about disseminating data tools and insights? Well, business intelligence of yesteryear often involved email chains, PowerPoint decks and word-of-mouth delivery. ThoughtSpot, on the other hand, allows users to:

  • Embed the Relational Search Engine directly into work portals

  • Embed custom charts and graphs

  • Embed entire dashboards for a greater level of depth

  • Build a custom portal utilizing our Data APIs

Give ThoughtSpot a Test Drive
The right ad hoc query tool will help your organization analyze, collaborate and decide faster. View a video demonstration to learn more about ThoughtSpot!

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